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401 Phillips Avenue
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 368-7772


​NCCL (Newark Center for Creative Learning) is an independent, progressive education elementary and middle school covering kindergarten through 8th grade. Small multi-age classes are led by expert teachers (10:1 ratio). Graduates leave as creative problem-solvers prepared to thrive in our complex world.

Structured K–8 curriculum includes: mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, science, Spanish, music, art, physical education and full recess for all ages.

Our mission:

Provide a robust academic and cultural foundation, which inspires the joy of discovery in each child and fosters curious, creative, critical thinkers.

We emphasize:

  • Experiential learning—inquiry-based projects, short- and long-term
  • Connections across academics, such as math with history
  • Consensus and decision making—creating a culture of trust and respect
  • Community and collaboration—our collaborative spirit makes us strong
  • Importance of the individual—social and emotional skills such as inclusion, empathy, kindness and diversity
  • Environmental stewardship—taking responsibility for the impact our choices have

Our philosophy is that children learn best when:

  • They are actively involved.
  • They use all of their senses to discuss, debate, explore, investigate, create and gather their own information.
  • They study subjects in depth rather than in broad overviews, bringing in information and concepts from related areas.
  • They are interested in the topic, are challenged but not frustrated, and are having fun.

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Rely on non-competitive assessments, not standardized testing.
  • Be child-centered.
  • Be developmentally appropriate.
  • Teach key concepts and skills, academically and socially.
  • Include open-ended learning experiences which have many solutions to one problem.
  • Be integrated.
  • Respond to children’s needs and interests.