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For overall health, wellness, and aesthetics treatments all in one location, Women’s Wellness Center & Medical Spa in Newark, DE provides inclusive care for a wide range of needs.

Women’s Wellness Center was founded two years ago by Dr. Michael Knapp, an OB-GYN with more than 25 years of practice, and Suellen Scheiner, RN, a registered nurse for more than 20 years with over 15 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. The duo wanted to provide comprehensive care from routine gynecological exams to bio-identical hormone therapy and aesthetic services for the face and body.

Dr. Knapp has successfully integrated his years of experience with emerging medical advances and technology to provide his patients the most current options for treatment available.

“We want our patients to feel well cared for and at their best, inside and out,” Knapp says.

The office operates like a family, with a close-knit group of practitioners who have worked together for more than 15 years. They draw in patients from as far away as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and even Virginia for its compassionate care and state of the art technology.



EMSCULPT is one of the newest and most buzzed about treatments, a non-invasive procedure which induces powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions. Designed for muscle-building and body-sculpting, the treatments offer more than just surface results – it actually restores your core and remodels its inner structure.

EMSCULPT requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation. Each of the four recommended treatments lasts just 30-minutes and feels like an intense abdominal workout you can do while reading a book or even napping. Results can last more than a year without changing your routine.

In addition to general gynecological needs including annual exams, family planning, and women’s health issues, Women’s Wellness Center offers intimate cosmetic procedures including labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and the new FDA-approved EXILIS radio frequency heat energy used for vaginal rejuvenation. In addition to vaginal rejuvenation, EXILIS is effectively used for fat reduction and skin tightening for the full face, neck, and body.



One of the most sought-after treatments at the center is BioTE Hormone Replacement, an effective natural hormone replacement for men and women that can help relieve exhaustion, sleep disturbances, moodiness, and low libido.

The center also offers a wide range of traditional and modern spa treatments like facials, peels, and microdermabrasion; injectable aesthetic solutions like Botox and Juvederm; and an IV Infusion Bar customized to meet individual health needs.

Learn more and find treatments and services right for you at womenswellnessde.com.

Women’s Wellness Center & Medical Spa
1400 Peoples Plaza, Suite 301, Newark
Phone: (302) 643-2500
Fax: (302) 836-2813
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