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Archmere Academy Launched an Exciting New Cancer Research Course

Archmere Academy, in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), introduces a new course this year designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. The Advanced Cancer Research and Analysis course offers many opportunities for students to expand their horizons and gain new knowledge.

“Speaking from my data analytics side, this course is important because it will show all of our students how scientists make decisions with the information known to them,” explains Dr. Matt Wilcox, the Science Department Chair. “My hope is that after this course students will have a higher standard for the evidence they need to see to convince them of any claim they may come across in their everyday lives.”

Dr. Jay Storm

The course includes a genetics class, a data analysis class, and an internship opportunity with CHOP and their Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b), spearheaded by Archmere graduate Dr. Jay Storm.

Launched 2016 in concert with then Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative, D3b empowers open-access, collaborative, data-driven scientific discovery on behalf of children everywhere.

During the course, students will learn about the purpose of the D3b program and how to analyze data collected from patients through keynote speakers from and on-sight learning at CHOP.

Over the summer, students will also have the opportunity to intern with the D3b program, including shadowing in the hospital setting and research labs, and working on a specific data analysis project. This internship is an opportunity available exclusively to students enrolled in the course.

“Students have already seen the impact of the D3b program through our first guest speaker, Dr. Jay Storm,” says Leah Davidson-Wolf, a biology teacher at the academy. “His talk emphasized the need for collaboration between hospitals, researchers, doctors, and data analysts. Some of the students taking this class are interested in the medical field, while others are more attracted to data analytics. After hearing about the inception of D3b, all of them realized that these fields do not exist in isolation, and having a versed background on both sides will improve not only their marketability, but also their ability to problem solve critical issues in biomedicine.”

Archmere Academy

Archmere Academy is a Catholic, Norbertine college preparatory school, valuing community, respect, zeal, reverence, and wisdom. Archmere focuses on the whole person through academic excellence, faith reflection, social development, and service to others, nurturing body and soul, mind and heart.

Inspired by its heritage, Archmere cultivates empathetic leaders – young men and women prepared for every good work.

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b)

Founded in 2016 by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Phillip “Jay” Storm, Alexander B. Wheeler Endowed Chair in Neurosurgical Research, Dr. Adam C. Resnick, and Executive Director of Research Operations and Strategic Planning, Jena Lilly, the Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D³b) provides personalized care for children through collaborative, data-driven science.

D³b’s scientific expertise and diverse research platforms target pediatric cancers and rare diseases of childhood development, with pediatric brain tumors as an area of research emphasis. Its multidisciplinary team unites the fields of basic science, translational research, precision medicine, bioinformatics and genomic research. Working with collaborators at top-tier research centers around the globe, D³b’s experts have developed cutting edge, cloud-based tools that allow large-scale collection, analysis, and visualization of highly detailed clinical and genomic data drawn from patients across their treatment journey. These tools ensure that researchers everywhere in the world have the resources needed to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, clinical trial delivery, and improved care for children.

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