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Questions About Home Tech? Our Expert Home Technologists Have The Answers




Q: Are smart home devices a good investment for me? Why would I want to live in a smart home?

A: Living in a Smart Home means enjoying the maximum comfort and convenience technology can provide. 

  • Simplicityusing one dashboard for all devices. 
  • Sight and soundentertainment at the touch of a button.
  • Safety and securityfor enhanced protection for your family and possessions. 
  • Savingstaming utility bills with energy saving devices. 
  • Stay connectedsee, hear, and respond whether at home or away.Home-tech


  • Spas, towels, and floors heated and ready when you are.
  • Access to your property at your command with smart gates and door locks. 
  • Smart water valves, freeze sensors, and storm shutters that prevent property damage. 
  • Comfort and cost savings with smart thermostats and shades that know when to deploy and when to conserve. 
  • No more fumbling for the light switch. Smart lights are on when you need and off when you don’t. 
  • Music and video throughout your home and accessible with the touch of a button. 
  • Waking or drifting off to gently ramping lights/music of your choice.
  • Activity monitoring, medicine monitoring, and automated reminders to assist those aging in place and those who care for them.



Q: I’d like to start automating my home. Is it better to make all the changes at once or phase-in my smart home devices?  

A: For those taking advantage of new home construction or a major home remodel, this is the perfect time to install a complete smart home systemFor most homeowners looking to automate their home, working in phases makes good sense. The key is to start with a solid comprehensive plan. All smart devices are not compatibleIt is important to select a secure, reliable, and scalable brand, then stick with it.   

In working with a BTS Home Technologist, you will answer questions about your lifestyle, for example Home-Blueprints

  • Are you a music enthusiastMovie buff?
  • Do you like to entertain? 
  • Are there children in your home? Are people in your home aging-in-place? 
  • Is security a high priority for you? Are there issues in your neighborhood? 
  • Do people access your home when you are not thereMaid service? Deliveries? 
  • How could life in your home be simpler? More comfortable? 

Together, we will decide which of our vetted solutions fit your lifestyle and budget.   

Lastly, a custom technology blueprint is prepared and then followed during your smart home technology journey. When ready to begin, an amenity is selected from your technology blueprint, such as music. The Home Technologist will share music systems choices that fit your custom blueprint. Installation comes next, for a wholehome music system. Then, when ready for your next step, just give us a call and we will pickup where you left off. Do as much or as little as you like. 


Q: Can smart home devices be hacked? I am concerned about on-line privacy. Electronic-home-security

A: Smart devices have been used to access home networks. This is the result of

  • An improperly installed network 
  • Untrustworthy smart devices 
  • Mismanagement of device password protection. 

Professionally installed networks using reputable, vetted, smart home devices will ensure on-line privacy.   

A worry-free smart home starts with a network installed by a Home Technologist trained to employ digital security best practices. 

BTS smart home solutions are vetted for reliability, security, and scalability. When you choose a solution from us, you can rest assured that your on-line privacy is always protected. 

The user must also do his/her part by securing connected devices with strong passwords that are not shared or easily guessed. Our technologists can suggest lowcost password managers that can help you secure and manage the family credentials. 


Q: I like to entertain outside. How do I bring my audio and video outdoors?   

A: Music around the pool and catching the game on the patio are some of the hottest trends in home AV today. Speakers and video panels that are tough enough to go outdoors (even in marine environments) are readily available from our manufacturers. BTS Home Technologists provide the skill and design expertise to install a sound stage that will produce a satisfying experience in an open environment. You will be able to enjoy the same great sound on your patio, pool deck, and backyard. Technology today makes outdoor audio and video a simple extension of your in-home devices.   


Q: For my home security, should I start with an alarm panel or cameras? Outdoor-Security

A: Alarm panels and cameras work together to secure a property. The primary goal of security is to prevent an incident from occurring, not to take a picture of the incident as it occurs. For this reason, BTS Home Technologists recommend that if a customer cannot install alarms and cameras at the same time, they should first invest in an alarm panel with monitoring service and later enhance security with a camera system.  

An alarm panel, with thoughtfully placed sensors will sound the alarm at the first hint of an intruder. A monitoring service immediately notifies the police. Intruders waste no time leaving the premises before the police arrive. In this way the intrusion is stopped before it starts. An alarm panel additionally protects in the event of a medical emergency, panic, or fire and can perform double duty as a smart home hub, which a camera system cannot do. 


Q: I see smart home devices on Amazon and at Best Buy for amazingly low prices. Don’t they do the same job as the more expensive professionally installed systems? 

A: In the world of smart devices, there are gadgets and gizmos and there are robust and reliable systems. BTS Home Technologists recommend only vetted, secure, reliable, scalable smart technology solutions. 

Smart home devices can be grouped into three categories. 

 1. DIY installation commonly available on-line and at big box stores. Woman-and-man-on-stairs

These are low-cost devices lacking in digital security and reliability.  Some devices in this category have been reported to collect user information for marketing purposes and have inconvenienced users with major outages.  Devices in this category are not supported by BTS and are not for homeowners for whom digital security and reliability are a priority.  

2. Professionally installed subscription/cloud-based solutions. 

These are cost effective, professionally installed solutions billed at a monthly subscription price.  They are preferred by BTS Home Technologists along with homeowners and small businesses that are looking for a reliable, cost effective, scalable smart technology solution. 

3. Professionally installed premium solutions with a hub/controller located on the premises. 

Choose a premium automation solution and it will deliver the maximum comfort and convenience that technology can provide. These systems offer stateoftheart features with uncompromising emphasis on security and privacy (user data is not sent to the cloud).  Preferred by BTS Home Technologists along with homeowners and businesses that require a smart technology solution that is highly customizable and dependable 24/7. 

Talk to a BTS Home Technologist and discover which solution is right for you. We can arrange a live demo in our Experience Center (by private appointment) or a virtual demo on-line. 

BTS Enterprises makes technology simple so you can live and worker smarter.
Our mission since 2006 has been to provide custom solutions that enhance the quality of lives, homes and businesses. Based in Wilmington, Del., BTS solutions range from the installation of invisible technology at a historic home to the design of 20-panel video wall at an emergency operations center. Ask how we can improve your home or business with smart technology. Visit or call 302.428.6080.

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