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Do you worry about the safety of your teenagers, well-being of aging parents, and security of your home? If so, we can help.

Let us share with you the problem-solving power of smart technology. Discover an enhanced sense of freedom with smart home security expertly installed, customized for your home, and controllable from anywhere.

You probably don’t associate these innovative solutions with residential smart security, but you should!

Smart Wellness Provides Worry-Free Independence As Parents Age

I worry about my mother living alone. How can I ensure mom’s safety without sacrificing her privacy and independence? I wonder, is she up and about?  Did she remember to take her medications?  What if she falls?


Enjoy smarter independence with smart security wellness solutions. Using a suite of discreet, connected sensors and smart devices in your loved one’s home, Wellness Insights™ works by establishing a routine for behavioral patterns like getting out of bed, taking medicine, moving about the house, locking doors, and will alert you to changes in those patterns before an emergency occurs. WellCam ™ brings extended family closer.  Easier than a phone call.  With push button connection (no dialing needed) mom can enjoy a clear, handsfree audio and video visit with her loved ones.

Smart Water Management Avoids Potential Disasters

Is there something we can install to avoid the chance of flooding? We went on vacation only to return home to a burst pipe and flooding that destroyed walls, floors, and furniture.  The damage was significant, and we were put out of our home for months while repairs were made. 

In minutes, a broken pipe or hose can develop into a costly flood.  Protect yourself from water damage caused by freezing temperatures, faulty plumbing, and human oversights.  A smart water management solution can alert you to a water problem before it becomes a disaster.  Strategically placed smart water sensors, a smart water meter, and a smart water valve are all that is needed to detect a small drip behind an appliance or an  increase in water flow from a leaky faucet.  The water supply can be turned off automatically when unexpected water is detected or at your command using your smart phone app.  You can even monitor operation of sump pumps and receive an alert if there is an issue.

The Connected Car Keeps Worried Parents Calm

My child just received his driver’s license. He will be driving on his own and I’m concerned for his safety. I want to know he’s driving carefully and that he’s going where he says he’s going. 

With the Connected Car ™ solution installed, you can monitor your automobile on the same unified platform as rest of your smart security tech. Connected Car ™ users receive notifications about automobile status (check engine light on, low battery or low fuel), driving behavior (sudden acceleration, hard braking, excessive speeding), vehicle location, and more.

Smarter Home Video: See what matters

Is there a home security video camera that does not trigger false alerts? My video cameras do not deliver the solution I expected. I am constantly annoyed by false alerts triggered by cars moving down the street, leaves blowing in the trees, or squirrels scampering through my yard.

Get smarter alerts about what is happening in and around your home using cameras with on-board Video Analytics. Customize your alerts to capture precisely what you want to see and get notified when people, vehicles, and/or animals are detected. Receive daily video clips of family arriving home or check with a quick call through your camera.  See and talk to visitors from anywhere.

Smart Protection of Equipment & Belongings Stored on your Property

I have a shed on my property where I store my valuable mower, tractor, fishing and hunting equipment. I would like to monitor the door to this shed, but there is no electricity in or near the building. Is there a solution that would protect me from costly theft of my belongings?

Flex IO™ is a battery-powered and weatherproof access control solution that works anywhere there is LTE cellular coverage.  No Wi-Fi or electricity is required.  Now you have the answer to keeping an eye on your valuables outside your home. Protect everything from toolsheds to barns, detached garages, guest houses, gates, boats, RVs, sports equipment, and more.

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BTS Enterprises makes technology simple so you can be confident that your home, family, and belongings are secure. Our mission since 2006 has been to provide custom solutions that enhance the quality of lives, homes and businesses. Based in Wilmington, Del., BTS solutions range from the installation of invisible technology at a historic home to the design of 20-panel video wall at an emergency operations center. Ask how we can improve your home or business with smart technology.

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