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For National School Nurse Day, the Delaware School Nurse Association is Recognizing School Nurses Statewide

On May 12, the First State’s school nurses are being recognized for their bravery, hard work and ability to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delaware School Nurse Association Executive Board

Delaware School Nurse of the Year

The Delaware School Nurse Association (DSNA) traditionally selects one school nurse for the prestigious School Nurse of the Year award, which acknowledges individual excellence in their field. In an unprecedented move, DSNA will present this year’s award to ALL school nurses in the state of Delaware for their stellar contributions to the health of students, families, staff and communities during a challenging year. 

All in a Day’s Work

It is 10 a.m., and Alisha, RN, has already seen 11 students. Mary has diabetes and needs her blood sugar checked. Ethan fell getting off the school bus and has an ankle injury. Olivia’s teacher sent her to the nurse’s office because she complained of “not feeling well” and was resting her head on her desk. Alisha assesses this student to determine if this is an illness, anxiety, lack of sleep or a social-emotional issue. Kadisha has not eaten breakfast and is complaining of a stomachache. Another child comes to the nurse with a nosebleed. A mother calls to request assistance in finding resources for food insecurity. Liam, a student who has autism and is nonverbal, has been escorted to the nurse’s office by his paraprofessional, who is concerned that Liam is “not acting right.” Isabel has missed yet another day of school, and Alisha works collaboratively with the attendance team to determine if her absence is related to a transportation issue, an underlying illness or a family situation needing intervention.

Super nurse, you ask? YES!
Unique school nurse? NO!
This is the norm for all school nurses in the state of Delaware.
On a typical day, a school nurse will see an average of 40 students within a 7- hour period, in a school size of 600.

For some students, the school nurse is the only health professional they visit regularly. The school nurse often identifies a health issue and provides case management. It has long been recognized that healthy students are more successful academically. Nursing interventions are intended to keep students in class and ready to learn.

School nurses must balance other roles and responsibilities with hands-on student care, including:

  • Performing hearing, vision and postural screenings, and referring students for follow-up.
  • Reviewing health records for proper medical and immunization documentation.
  • Participating in IEP (Individualized Education Plans) and 504 accommodation meetings.
  • Serving on the Safety Crisis Team and assisting with disaster preparedness.
  • Serving on the Behavior Support Team.
  • Planning and executing student health-education presentations.
  • Composing Individual Healthcare Plans for students with healthcare needs that may impact their academic performance and/or attendance.
  • Reciprocal communication of concerns with parents/guardians.
  • Collaborating with other specialists and educators to support the mental, emotional and social determinants of student learning.

School Nurses Find Themselves on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the essential role of school nurses in Delaware. They have shared their expertise and guidance as frontline health professionals to ensure a safe return to school. Many have served on state and district health and wellness committees. They are the gatekeepers, assuring that district policies align with CDC and state guidelines. Their public health role has expanded to include additional responsibilities. Our school nurses are focusing their efforts on mitigating COVID-19 in their schools and communities through contact tracing and performing antigen testing, as well as educating staff, students, and families. Delaware’s school nurses have also volunteered countless hours at vaccine clinics.

School Nursing: No Longer Just Lice, Ice and Band-Aids

The role of the school nurse has evolved as student health needs have become more complex. The school nurse serves in a pivotal role that bridges the gap between health care and education. It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses that every child has access to a full-time professional registered nurse at all times. Research provides evidence that the presence of a school nurse and case management is directly related to improved school attendance and clinical outcomes. It also has shown to improve the quality of life in students with and without chronic health conditions.

In Recognition and Appreciation

DSNA recognizes the dedication, flexibility, and extraordinary efforts of all school nurses throughout this past year. They have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing healthcare needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and have been leaders in creating safe learning environments in their schools. DSNA is proud to honor these unsung heroes on National School Nurse Day.

The Delaware School Nurse Association is a unified affiliate of the National Association of School Nurses and is dedicated to promoting the specialty practice of professional school nursing.  DSNA serves as the professional organization for all school nurses, with over 300 exceptional school nurses in the state of Delaware.  If you desire more information, please contact us

Delaware School Nurse List


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Caesar Rodney School District

Janet Butler
Anne Wearden
Kimberly Popp
Charlene Bieber
Jill Carroll
Adwenna Witherell
Gwen Clark
Delane Saxton
Colleen O’Brien
Lisa Winter-Peterson
Nicole Harper
Rebecca Gravatt
Carle Thompson
Meggan Burawski
Rebecca Martin
Allison Bittner
Jamie Cummings

Lake Forest School District

Shelly Wise
Nikki Glanden
Jacqueline Argo
Jana Jarrell
Kim O’Brien
Olivia Washinski
Allison Tatman

Polytech School District

Dorothy Young
Peggy McKibbin

Capital School District

Andi Sergent
Andrea Ritchey
Kathleen DeNight
Ulma Thitiplonepant
John Rocks
JoAnn Rogers
Krystal Little
Heather Barcus
Tara Schad
Faye Unger
Tracy Emerson
Megan Holdridge
Latoniah Johnson
Kari Maracle
Audrey Mayan
Crystal Sheets
Annette Smith

Milford School District

Cheryl Rash
Ann Marie Nash
Kim Cole
Yvonne White
Sue Smith
Patricia Ayers
Colleen Dean
Jackie Wolfe

Smyrna School District

Denise Zavitsky
Rose Sarkissian
Kelly Willoughby
Connie Renee Startt
Karen Jones
Susan Coley
Kertrina Green-Hite
Trudy Hastings
Michele Bonsignore
Staci Simpson
Christina Edge

Brandywine School District

Beryl Gamiel
Sherry Menchaca
Melissa Kunz
Stephanie Nunziato
Jacquelyn Kimball
Christine Regas
Sharon Gandolfo
Richele Lawson
Sheila Pickering
Tiffany Stigler
Tracy Seth
Danielle Terry
Gabriela Fioravanti
Sarah Prendergast
Denise Buffin
Beth Mattey
Katharine Lowe
Michelle Scott
Alice Ross-Biddle

Appoquinimink School District

Aimee Hastings
Darlene Smith
Gail Moyer
Laurie Hackett
Laurie Garrison
Wendy Borsari
Nicole Benderoth
Danielle Sigvardson
Kelly Apps
Susan Kane
Stephanie Balascio
Katie Healy
Dana Reznick
Amy Stubblebine
Maribeth Miller
Kellie Ramer
Kathy Myers
Mary Reed
Kim Sammak
Yvonne Camac
Samantha Carpenter
Laura Davis
Cheri Eleazar

Christina School District

Karen Kleinschmidt
Angelique Boyce
Joy Allen-Coleman
Martha Diffley
Kathy Davenport
Susan Webber
Terri Inerfield
Aubrey Rogers
Judy Lattanzi
Laura Bubacz
Kim Rekito
Carmen Saldanha
Annamarie Medeiros
Mary Hausheer
Beth Miller
Drew Wedel
Janene Ebaugh
Caren Di Battista
Trudy Small
Maria Weeks
Elizabeth Kelly-Johnson
Kristie Hill
Terry Hoffman
Lydia Henry
Gina Wedel
Marguerite Diehl
Lisa Conover
Victoria Yost-Rios
Leslie Myers
Cristina Kraiter
Tiffany Ford
Pat Durbano
Michele Pancoast-Lockwood
Kimberly White
Terri Wallace
Rebecca Hayman
Michelle Gayeski
Ann Marie Kaiser
Lisa Kittel
Dawn Gower
Elise Kidd
Karen McDonald
Kaye Snook

Colonial School District

Latoya Furrowh
Kelsey Huntoon
Erin Miller
Jessica Adams
Olivia Taylor
Amy Davidson
Amanda McConnell
Ariana Salter
Kimberly Reid
Michelle Rossell
Jay Green
Donna Robinson
Lorita Ross
Elizabeth Grimm
Saul Montanez
Laura Prucyk
Sharon Taylor
Joe Salerno
Claudia Peters
Brent Thompson
Geon Yun
Denver Shockley
Heidi Hildick

New Castle Vo-Tech School District

Julie Morgan
Joan Wilkie
Christine Moses
Tracy McMullen
Ursula Ferrari
Joan Holveck
Stephanie Britz
Megan Slocomb

Red Clay School District

Ruthann Turner
Donna Watson-Ohnstad
Cyndi Brooks
Lori Hoffman
Phyllis Whaler
Katy Richardson
Karen Nestor
Melody Brown
Jodi Muffley
Janet Marcin
Nichole Cunningham
Sharon-rose Gargula
Sheila Rimmer
Amy Archer
Colleen Sauder
Sheila King
Maryann McConnell
Alisha Dancy
Nicole Ewing
Christa Shelman
Sheri Conrad
Megan Fioravanti
Melissa Mahoney-Roche
Michelle Bridge
Deborah Englehart
Donna O’Connor
Sharon Buck
Tanya Allen-Simpson
Cheryl Watson
Kathie Vachris
Debra Hurst
Mandy Pennington
Marilee Scarpitti
Elizabeth Houser
Mary Beth Lewis

Woodbridge School District

Dawn Ellis
Ann Bollinger
Dawn Lord
Andrew Hudson
April Wright
Cheryl Roach

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington

Sandy Baran
Christine Zimmerman
Laurie McGrellis
Bernadett Kolakowski
Christine Jacobs
Ashley Kardos
Diane Kerr
Annemarie Russell
Marian Flores
Elizabeth Perine
Katie Zangwill
Ana Wennberg
Patti Bashki
Bette Melchor
Rose Marie Cozine

Alternative Programs

Auanita Corley
Eileen Wilkerson
Kimberly Trivits
Janice Rogers
Kathleen Briscoe
Bernice Knox
Amy Ironside

School Nurse Mentors /Retired Nurses

Susan Hoffman
Ann Biddle
Beth Stevenson

Independent Schools

Becky Hendrixson
Andrea Menjivar
Barbara Bruno
Diana North
Regina Bryant
Beth McGarvey
Kim Jensen
Sherry Stewart
Grace Scott
Genevieve Walsh
Amy Gorham
Katrina Cooper
Suzanne Mansi
Beverlee Ashkenase
Andrea Croce
Annette Rickolt
Jennifer Conway
Mary Garrett
Linza Kung-Godfrey
Alexis Herbein
Jenn Bannon
Sharon Cawman
Kristen Sayler
Stephanie Gramiak
Emily Green
Kathy Wittig-Valtos
Kaddy Turner

Cape Henlopen School District

Barbara Cilento
Robin Hurlock
Charlien Goldberg
Kathy Shook
Mary Stuart
Marcy DeEmedio
Rosalyn Daisey
Lara Booth
Celeste Babiarz
Linda Fisher
Bobbie Redefer
Mark Steigerwalt

Delmar School District

Kelly Dryden
Sally Irwin

Delaware Department of Education

Ann Covey—Education Specialist, School Health Services
Pat Guilday – Developer and Trainer

Laurel School District

Kay Baynum
Jennifer Davis
Jara Parks
Vivian Short
Denise Parsons

Seaford School District

Christine Melvin
Karen Nichols
Brandi Willey
Amy Metzner
Julianne Lodowski
Joan Bloom

Sussex Technical School District

Susan Lynch
Lisa Filter

Indian River School District

Eugene McMillen
Erica Jester
Donna Allen
Kenna Murray
Shelly Lamers
Mallori Roy
Melanie Marshall
Brooke Kessler
Kathryn Tober
Nicole Oscar
Shelley Wilgus
Brittany Murray
Elizabeth Light
Tami Beam
Colleen Jones
Amber Larimore
Marie Karitis-Smith
Sandra Chandler
Deena King
Britney Lloyd
Ashley Messick
Loretta Newsom
Barbara McMillen
Kimberly Gordon
Anastasia Robinson
Anna Miller

Charter Schools

Lisa Evans
Virginia Neely
Howard Kimmel
Nickia Naylor
Cynthia Brown
Karen Micale
Paige Lynn Dolan
Ayasha Mcghee
Sonja Cartwright
Dorothy Lennon
Susanna Lawson
Laurie Murray
Rebecca Adeleke
Theora Wisher
Tara Weaver
Rasheeda Ames-Davis
Carol Moore
Deborah Holstein
Cheryl Conaway-Stevens
Jamie McNatt
Jennifer Skripchuk
Stephanie Bonis
Karen Pennington
Erin Porter
Demetra Tzinoudis
Paula Lowe
Brittney Henning
Kristen Weaver
Jennifer Brown
Tabitha Herbert
Marilou Conlin
Eileen McLaurin
Jennifer Passwaters
Beth Twitchell
Susan Elder

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