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Fashion, Beauty and Etiquette



Brides Lash Out
Blue shoes, black sashes and long lashes are all the rage.

Tying the Knot

Fabulous Lashes

Heads Up on Hairstyles

Love in Bloom

What’s Hot, What’s Not

Under and Over
In the excitement of picking out a dress, it’s easy to forget about something just as important—what goes underneath.

Accessing the Accessories
Quirky is in! Accessories that were once seen as offbeat are becoming more mainstream.

Man of Honor?
Bridal party traditions get tweaked.

Gowning Glory
There is only one rule for brides choosing a gown: Make certain the bride is wearing the dress—not the other way around.

Gowns Abound
The bargains will be many during a designer gown sale to fight breast cancer.