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From the Editor


I’ll admit to watching more reality shows about weddings than any guy can without people seriously questioning his viewing habits. What can I say? Dina gets sucked into the latest “Say Yes to the Dress” dilemma or the drama of “My Fair Wedding,” and because she has the remote, I do too.

I look at it as an opportunity for professional development. Unlike many of the women I know, I haven’t dreamed of the big day since I was a little girl. I haven’t been planning since I picked my and BFF, my future made of honor, in fourth grade. Given that some women have imagined the event for the better part of their lives, I am seriously behind the eight ball on this stuff.

And I’ve discovered that enthusiasm for weddings—which is often limitless—has nothing to do with age. Dina is as enthralled by those shows now as she was before we married. I have no doubt she’ll remain enthralled for years to come.

And why wouldn’t she? Why wouldn’t anyone? There’s a reason your wedding is called The Big Day. You’ve chosen to change your life in the most profound of ways. That goes way beyond the hunt for a David Tutera gown. It connects you to the world of family in a new, important way.

Just the same, there’s still a ceremony and reception to plan. We know you want your wedding to be the most beautiful ever. As caught up as we are in the shows, we can’t help wanting to help you realize the dream. So we’re here to show you local products and services, to show you how can help you translate an idea you saw on television in your own way here at home.

Keep watching those shows, and keep looking here. The day will come when you’ll help to plan a wedding almost as important as yours—your daughter’s. We’d like to help with hers, too.

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