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Letters, Tweets and Emails from Our Readers


Markell’s Legacy
I want to commend you on your article on Gov. Jack Markell’s legacy, “Heavy Hitter,” in the June 2013 edition. The article was well-written, though I want to correct a fact in the article. Dr. John Stapleford is not a member of our board, as is mentioned in your article. He is the director of the Center for Economic Policy and Analysis at the Caesar Rodney Institute. Samuel Friedman, Communications Coordinator, Caesar Rodney Institute

Joe Flacco vs. Elena Delle Donne
Johnny Wockenfuss was from Newport and played 11 years of professional baseball. Let’s hold off on the best ever. Delaware has a long history of great athletes. These are both gifted athletes. Endurance is the key to greatness. Can anyone else think of any other great Delaware athletes? John Chaney, from Facebook

Ms. Cabrera 
Congrats on another fine issue of Delaware Today (August 2013). The Q&A with Maria Cabrera is wonderful as is the piece about Hetti Brown of the Delaware Humane Society. 
(However), the article describes Maria as the first Hispanic elected to city council. Maria is actually the first female Hispanic elected to council. There have been at least three male Hispanics that have served on council. John Rago, Director of Communications and Policy Development, Wilmington City Council

“Cheap Eats” (August 2013): The owners of La Casa Pasta and Chesapeake Inn are not affiliated with Pizza Pazza Bar & Grill. Also, the deals at DiFebo’s Restaurant are offered in the off-season months only. (Other beach restaurants are also offering discounts, but only in the off-season.)

Fashion Awards Feature
In the September 2013 issue, we failed to mention that the feature was shot at the Hotel du Pont. We are grateful to Carolyn Grubb and the hotel staff for their graciousness. Also, Meghan Craighton, Allie McKiernan (hair) and Sheri Stafford (makeup) should have been credited for styling the nominees for Best-Dressed Delawareans for our photo shoot.   We regret the errors.