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The Face of Improving Movement • Delaware Advanced Vein Center and Alfieri Cardiology


Dr. Anthony Alfieri and his team have a medically innovative leg up on helping those who have swollen and tired legs.  As an interventional cardiologist, he uses innovative treatments of varicose and spider veins. His outpatient procedures have no downtime and are painless.  Their efforts to help those suffering from the effects of venous insufficiencies continue to improve the quality of life for men and women alike.  If your legs are tired, swollen or in pain, then it is time to get your life back and see if venous insufficiency is deterring your movement.

G39 Omega Drive | Newark, DE 19713 | 302.731.0001 | www.Alfiericardiology.com | www.delawareadvancedveincenter.com

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