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1300 Paper Mill Road
Newark, DE 19711

Learning to Learn and Learning to Lead

The Independence School, an independent co-educational day school welcoming students age 3 through eighth grade, provides an exceptionally strong academic foundation and so much more. The school’s proven sequential and spiraling curriculum enables each student to reach his or her highest potential in an environment that also emphasizes respect, responsibility and integrity.

The best start to an Independence education is in the school’s Early Childhood program, which begins at age 3. Independence preschool educators are dedicated and professional faculty members with education degrees and years of experience. Preschool students are engaged through a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum, filled with play and child-centered opportunities for learning. Full- and half-day programs are offered, including the unique “Kindness Kids” group for full-day preschool students.

As children grow, teaching and learning at Independence are experienced through a variety of methods, including teacher-led instruction, project-based learning, blended learning and collaboration. Students are gaining knowledge, engaging in critical thinking and solidifying their interpersonal skills. An emphasis is placed on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while retaining Independence’s exceptional Language Arts program.

There are many individually outstanding aspects of Independence that may be found at other area institutions, but Independence provides the complete package:

  • An excellent academic program for students to be challenged at a level most appropriate for their level of ability and achievement.
  • An unrivaled Learning Applications curriculum (LeApps™) that instills self-management and responsibility, test-taking strategies, study skills and more.
  • An emphasis on public speaking, character development and leadership experiences throughout the grade levels.
  • A writing program that provides exceptional preparation for high school, college and career.
  • An innovative computer science curriculum that includes coding beginning in first grade.
  • Economics and Entrepreneurial Education (E3) plus a club for young entrepreneurs.
  • Strong performing and visual arts programs with music lessons included in tuition.
  • A rich menu of extra-curricular options, including middle school athletics, academic clubs, drama, Odyssey of the Mind, Quiz Bowl and more.

The Independence community is welcoming, as well as economically and ethnically diverse. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017–18, The Independence School remains committed to providing an exceptional education. A Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) exists to help make Independence an affordable option for qualifying students. In addition, some scholarship opportunities exist.

For more information, plesae contact Michele Harra, Director of Admission, at mharra@tisde.org or 302-239-0332.