Seetha Coleman-Kammula

Founder and CEO of the Science, Technology & Research Institute of Delaware (STRIDE).


According to Seetha Coleman-Kammula, creating a startup is like being handed a blank sheet of paper. The ink is added later and adjusted as the company grows. STRIDE, a science-based startup incubator, opened in 2016 just like that, and now it’s helping other new ventures get their start.

“A group of us saw an opportunity to create a company to retain and employ the industrial research talent pool that was once Delaware’s pride,” she says. They wanted to achieve two things: “attract startup companies that need experienced scientists to Delaware … [and] transfer their experience of doing industrial research to the next generation.” 

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As the company grows, so do Coleman-Kammula’s responsibilities; she carries the roles of acquisition, management, recruitment and innovation for the future of STRIDE. When she’s not working, she’s designing and making appliques or tapestries from old silk sarees.