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Wilmington's Art on the Town Features “Mark Stockton: Making Weight”


Here’s one to see when it opens during Wilmington’s Art on the Town April 4: “Mark Stockton: Making Weight” at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts displays 10 new photo-realistic graphite drawings connected to Delaware history, including renderings of historical American figures such as Pete Rose and Ernest Hemingway that initiate a dialogue about masculinity and individualism. The idea comes from the practice of wrestlers shedding extra pounds to “make weight” in their class. Stockton sees the idea of making weight as a metaphor for how people and society wrestle with conflicting desires, often achieving greatness while sacrificing other values. Researching such ideas for the new drawings, Stockton sourced disparate images from the Internet, then drew exacting reproductions, from “Fight Club” film stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton to Tyvek suits made by DuPont to the 1968 Martin Luther King assassination riots in Wilmington. Stockton also places two small piles, one of gun powder and one of graphite, in the gallery as an allusion to humanity’s competing urges to create and destroy. Installed in a pyramid-formation on the wall, the drawings and peripheral objects, with Bob Marley’s song “Sinner Man” playing softly in the background, proffer a haunting and critically engaged vision of American culture. Stockton is also interested in network theory, the study of complex interacting systems, as it relates to digital culture. One application of this theory has gained significant use in military intelligence, where it is employed to uncover insurgent networks of both a hierarchical and leaderless nature. In parallel fashion, Stockton produces an evocative graphic representation of disparate signs that, when viewed together, reveal something larger. The artist visualizes what he terms a “bullet lineage,” which he traces from DuPont’s supply of gun powder to arm the Union during the Civil War to the company’s present production of bullet-proof Kevlar suits to protect the U.S. Military. In the end, the artist creates a mysterious pictorial index of appropriated imagery, revealing capitalist contradictions and other narratives typically omitted from dominant American history. It’s worth a look. thedcca.org

On the Side: “The Wilmingtonians” is a dark comedy about a family moving from Texas to Wilmington to “be somebody.” Filmed in Wilmington and New Castle, the comedy twists and turns and laughs abound. It premieres April 4 at the Delaware Art Museum. Writer Michaelangelo Rodriguez is the author of “Waiting for the Garden of Eden” and “The Story of Coqui Claus.” His new book, “Washington Shore” is a supernatural love story based in Delaware and Washington, D.C. It will be published May. 



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