15 Ways to Fabulous

Salons and spas have come up with all kinds of new ways to help you look and feel your best.

Sun damage. Pool chemicals. Ocean salt. Ah, summer. What a toll you take on skin, hair and nails. To the beauty rescue come Delaware’s spas and salons. Check out these head-to-toe treatments from the garden, the ocean and the jungle.

Cherry Berry Enzyme Peel and Facial

Think “peel.” After the summer, “face” and “sunburn” surely come to mind. An exfoliating enzyme peel is a good way to remove summer sun damage. “You have to teach your skin to exfoliate,” says Annie Noble, esthetician at Elayne James Salon & Spa. “Removing dead skin cells makes your face healthy and younger looking.” The Cherry Berry peel tingles, but doesn’t hurt. First, Noble steams and cleans the face. Then she applies the peel. Extractions follow, then a grape seed oil massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage. Next, a customized masque. Toner and moisturizer finish the lesson—er, facial. 1 hour, $95

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Elayne James Salon & Spa
3826 Kennett Pike, Greenville, 777-4700
462 W. Main St., Middletown, 376-5290


Almond Joy Facial Masque

Cute name. Serious facial. At Heather’s Holistic Health, esthetician Lydia Maithre enhances her European facials with the Almond Joy Masque, which contains shea butter, whey protein, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, aloe vera and chocolate. “It smells wonderful,” Maithre says. “And chocolate has wonderful anti-aging properties.” For sensitive skin, Maithre’s Juicy Fruit Masque contains aloe vera gel, shea butter, and oils like jojoba, lemon, calendula, and chamomile. For dry skin, Maithre recommends the Hawaiian Masque, made of pineapple, papaya, aloe vera, whey and spinach. Chocolate, pineapple and spinach? Sounds like a beauty meal. 60 minutes, $75

Heather’s Holistic Health
1169 Walker Road, Dover, 678-3433

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3 in 1: Massage, Facial, Bacial

Your back called. It wants some TLC—especially after the sweaty shirt-sticking, sun-burning, chlorine- and sea salt-absorbing summer. Exfoliating, extractions and extra moisturizing are in order. But then, your face gets jealous and your arms and legs will be cranky and it will become a big, bodily mess. Answer? The 3 In 1 at Currie Hair, Skin & Nails. (Currie’s newest location at Justison Landing on the Wilmington riverfront should be open by November.) 75 minutes, $130

Currie Hair, Skin & Nails
585 Wilmington-West Chester Pike, Glen Mills, Pa., (610) 558-4247


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Mood Mud Massage

In the jungles of Belize, Jae Maedler discovered a great ancient secret: mood mud. OK, fine. She was at an exotic spa and not an ancient temple. But the Indiana Jones of beauty brought mood muds to Inner Reflections, her eco-oriented spa. Properties in the six Belizean muds arouse different moods when applied to the skin. This is a combination treatment: mud for the skin, massage for the muscles. Eager for more spa adventures? Ask Maedler about her Killer Bee Honey Scrub. 60 minutes, $90

Inner Reflections Day Spa
1 Bay Road, Rehoboth Beach, 226-1008


Balinese Massage

“May peace flow from my heart into yours,” is the Balinese saying with which this massage begins. Avenue Apothecary & Spa calls it a “meditative massage.” Which means…? “This is a mind-body massage,” explains Diane Heck, spa team leader. “It’s for the seasoned spa goer who wants a deeper experience.” Hindu, Chinese and European influences are incorporated into the treatment, which includes acupressure, skin rolling and percussion. Heck says, “We take everything in the tool box and do what the client needs physically, spiritually and emotionally.” Om-azing. 60 minutes $125, 90 minutes $170

 Avenue Apothecary & Spa
110A Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-5649


Toppers Spa and SalonBamboo-Fusion Massage

Bamboo has an ancient place in Asian culture, serving as a material for paper, housing and food. At Toppers Spa, what is ancient is new. The new Bamboo-Fusion Massage uses heated bamboo sticks as extensions of the therapists’ hands, allowing for rolling, deep tissue pressure and other massagic sensations on the arms, neck, back, legs and feet. The treatment fits perfectly with the Bali design of the spa, creating an exotic trip without leaving the state. 50 minutes, $122

Toppers Spa and Salon at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
1131 N. Dupont Hwy., Dover, 857-2020


 Wasabi Facial

 It’s green. It tingles. And it’s a great post-summer treatment. Why? Beauty at the Beach esthetician Charley Wilkerson says that wasabi’s antioxidant properties destroy free-radical damage from overexposure to sun and pollution. After cleansing, extractions and exfoliating, the wasabi is applied in the form of a masque, which includes wasabi, green tea, witch hazel, rosemary, oils, sage. While the masque is on, the esthetician performs a foot, hand and arm massage. The facial finishes with moisturizer and eye treatment. Sushi and sake sold separately. 50 minutes, $90

 Beauty at the Beach
33548 Marketplace at Sea Colony, No. 3, Bethany Beach, 539-7252


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Brazilian Rainforest Propolis Envelopment

Covet Spa is the strip mall sanctuary created by Devon Tucker-Kirk in Powder Mill Square—which is very far from the Brazilian rain forest. Which is where bees produce propolis. Which performs skin care miracles, especially when used in Covet Spa’s envelopment. The treatment begins with an exfoliating aromatherapy scrub. Then propolis is applied from neck to toe. An insulated wrap cocoons and heats the body. While the propolis penetrates the skin, facial and scalp massages are conducted. After an aromatherapy shower to remove the propolis, the treatment finishes with a moisturizing massage. 60 minutes, $115; 90 minutes, $150; 120 minutes $195

Covet Spa
3844 Kennett Pike, Suite 202, Greenville, 888-0700


Esthetician Becky Miller gives Ashley Parris the Mediterranean seaweed body treatment at The Oasis Spa in Greenville. Photograph by Luigi CiuffetelliMediterranean Seaweed Body Treatment

In all likelihood, Cleopatra’s beauty consultant was a Zaki. Summer may have been filled with seaweed, but not the kind used at the Zakis’ Oasis Spa. Exfoliating, hydrating and enriching, seaweed is an ancient, all-natural Egyptian skin secret. The Zakis warm the seaweed, then apply it to the whole body. Twenty minutes under the steam canopy infuses the skin with seaweed’s rich nutrients. Finally, water, and lots of it. The Vichy shower’s six heads pulsate water at different strengths, providing a hydro-massage. 90 minutes, $122 (available only in Greenville)

The Oasis Spa
4001 Kennett Pike, No. 232, Greenville, 656-8813

Spa by the Sea
19266 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-8640


Scalp Therapy

Sun + ocean + pool = hair damage. Solution? Scalp Therapy at Perry Anthony Salon and Spa, conducted by pros like Tracy Graham, who is both a hair stylist and an esthetician. Which makes sense because the scalp is skin and the hair is…hair. First, Graham massages essential oils into the scalp. After a shampoo, she applies proteins, a moisturizer and the special ingredient: royal jelly. Hot towels help the scalp absorb all of that therapeutic goodness. Then Graham rinses the hair and applies a leave-in conditioner. It’s like hair rehab. 30 minutes, $45

Perry Anthony Salon and Spa
5331 Limestone Road, Wilmington, 239-6161


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 Luscious Lips

 Treatments for nails, hair and eyes abound. What about lips? Soft, plump lips add beauty and subtract years from a face. At Essence of Skin Day Spa, owner Teresa Smith creates lovely lips without using collagen injections. First, a gentle scrub sloughs away dead skin. Next is the application of a green mint lip masque, which contains jojoba oil, hydrolyzed milk protein and hybrid sunflower oil. DermaQuest’s C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer finishes the treatment. End result? Joliesque lips for mere mortals. 15 minutes, $15

Essence of Skin Day Spa
951 Forest St., Dover, 736-5757


Michael ChristopherStephen Cotter Cosmetics

What are fall’s hottest makeup trends? Shimmering metallics on the eyes and dewy lips, says Stephen Cotter, whose 146-piece cosmetics line is now available at Michael Christopher. Cotter’s Gold Digger eye shadow and Scandalous lip gloss are fun and fashionable. But makeup isn’t just about trends, Cotter says. “Personality is important. I ask clients a lot of questions and get a sense of who they are. Then, I can create a look they will feel good about.” Cotter’s method works—Miss Delaware 2008 is among his clients. Make-up application begins at $50 (Products sold separately.)

Michael Christopher
2006 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington, 658-0842


Cielo Salon and SpaPumpkin Manicure and Pedicure

Fall’s fresh pumpkins are great for pies, breads—and mani-pedis. Last year’s pumpkin facial is topped by this manicure and pedicure. What’s the big beauty deal about pumpkin? “It’s a wonderful exfoliant and leaves the skin soft and silky,” says LeRon Thomas, owner of Cielo Salon and Spa. As part of a spa manicure and pedicure, an aromatic, orange paste is applied to the hands and feet, which are then wrapped in hot towels. Ten minutes later, after the pumpkiny goodness has penetrated the skin, the towels and paste are removed. It’s a great mani-pedi, Charlie Brown. 1 hour, 15 minutes, $97

Cielo Salon and Spa
600 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, 575-0400


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Child’s Pedicure

Toddler pedis? Absolutely. Chris Sateriale, owner of La Dolce Vita Spa, says three is the age of the youngest child pedicured at the spa. “The mom held the baby on her lap,” Sateriale recalls. “Such precious little feet!” Mothers and daughters often get side-by-side pedicures, so Sateriale provides drinks and snacks for the pampering quality time. Sateriale uses pillows to prop up the princesses so their feet will reach into the aromatherapy foot soak. Calf massage, filing and buffing complete the pedicure. PYTs pick out their own toe polishes. Sateriale says the most popular shades are hot pink and teal. 45 minutes, $20 for child, $45 for adult

La Dolce Vita Spa
2 W. Main St., Middletown, 449-1496


 Fish Pedicure

Nibbley kisses is how people describe the sensation of getting a fish pedicure. Garra rufa is the proper name for the fish, and they don’t have teeth. They suck at the feet, eating dead skin and only dead skin. So says Ben Ho, owner of Sunlight Salon and brother of John Ho, the man whose fish have nibbled at the tootsies of Diane Sawyer and Sherri Shepard. What the fish are doing is an effective exfoliation, Ho says. It eliminates the use for fierce, callus-removing spa tools. Is it sanitary? Ho cleans the tank after every client, following his brother’s special guidelines. The fish exfoliation is followed by a traditional spa pedicure conducted in Sunlight Salon’s yummy-colored chocolate and cream thrones. 15-minute fish session and pedicure, $45

SunLight Salon
610 Plaza Drive, Newark, 456-1799


Beauty Stimulus Packages

Cutting back on facials? Letting your roots go an extra week? The economy has forced many people to revise their beauty budgets. Savvy spas and salons are offering incentives to lure spa recessionistas.

Websites are a great place to find deals. Sherifzaki.com offers big savings on spa services. “We also have incentives at our salon,” says Rebekah Nuttal, salon coordinator. “We want to keep our customers coming back to us.”

Inner Reflections has “business specials” on manicures, pedicures and facials that are almost half the price of regular services. Jessica Galoff, owner of Elayne James Salons & Spas, created “economy buster” hair care treatments such as partial colorings and trims. Cielo Salon and Spa has held prices steady for the past year, but it offers special deals with the purchase of a $15 membership card.

What do other spas and salons offer? Ask. It’s a win-win. They want to keep clients who want to keep looking fabulous.

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