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5 Cool Electives Offered at Delaware and Pennsylvania Colleges


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“Podcasting: Narrative and Listening in the Digital Age”

With podcasts taking over the media landscape of late, the University of Pennsylvania offers a course on the fundamentals of this form of audio narrative, with a primary focus on the ethics of storytelling.

“Beyond Bollywood: Gender, Performance, and Popular Culture in South Asia”

With this Bryn Mawr College elective, get a taste of India’s thriving film industry, along with a sample of the pop-culture contributions of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

“Decolonial Theory: Indigeneity and Revolt”

Take a look back at the history of our resistance to colonization at Haverford College. This course studies how writers and activists exposed flaws in the logic of Europe’s imperialistic philosophy.

“Epiphanies of Beauty or Knowledge, Reality, Self”

This Villanova University philosophy course looks to answer the question, “What is true?” and “What can I know?,” questions grounded in a deeper search for the nature of reality and the capacity to know ourselves.

“Beverage Management”

Feel free to grab a drink in this University of Delaware class, which is offered to students 21 and older. Beverages are a huge profit center (and expense) for hospitality operations—which you’ll learn as part of an in-depth study of wine, beer, distilled spirits and more.