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9 Ways You Know You're from Delaware



1. It’s the “beach,” not the “shore.” 

Your friends from Philadelphia going “down the shore” have it wrong.


2. You enjoy Thanksgiving year-round …

… on a delicious Bobbie from Capriotti’s.


3. Joe Biden, Elena Delle Done and Joe Flacco are household names.

Outside of Delaware, these celebrities certainly have clout. But if you mention their names around a fellow Delawarean, be prepared for a boastful discourse on what makes them the best of the best.


4. You’re used to people trying to determine mutual connections. 

Our state is small, so everybody assumes you somehow know their friend’s husband’s nursery school teacher.


5. Your summer memories are filled with festivals.       

You never fail to make an appearance at St. Anthony’s Italian Festival, and make it a point to get to Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddler’s Festival, the Polish Festival, the Greek Festival and/or Firefly.


6. You are baffled by sales tax whenever you travel.

Spoiled by the First State’s lack of sales tax, you raise your eyebrows anytime you make a purchase over the border.


7. You fondly remember Happy Harry’s.

Whether it was for a quick candy bar or a bottle of shampoo, this neighborhood drugstore was a go-to. Although it merged with Walgreens in 2006, you may still hear yourself referring to it by its old name.  


8. Everyone you know has a crazy story about Deer Park Tavern, Klondike Kate’s or The Stone Balloon.

And regardless of what year it was, there’s a good chance it was accompanied by tons of food, beer and live music.


9. You spent your childhood guzzling milkshakes from the Charcoal Pit.

No matter how stuffed you were, you could always make room for a shake or sundae. If you were really brave, you tackled the Kitchen Sink dessert with a few of your best buds.

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