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Abbott’s Grill in Milford Does Burgers, Seafood and More with an Unexpected Twist


Abbott’s Grill
From the time he opened Fox Point Grill in the mid-1990s, chef Kevin Reading had been associated with fine dining. In Abbott’s Grill he saw the opportunity to appeal to greater numbers of people through more approachable food.

Open barely three years now, the restaurant grows in popularity all the time. Diners go for familiar foods tweaked in fun ways—calamari in spicy brown butter, crab cakes with succotash and tomato jam, and burgers made from locally raised bison served with bourbon-smoked onions, grilled portobello mushroom and gooey white cheddar. They also go for 50-cent Crisfield oysters at happy hour and sports betting. 249 NE Front Street, Milford, 491-6736, abbottsgrillde.com