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Ali Knox of Bling Salon, Lewes


As a stylist at the trendy Bling Salon in Lewes, Knox keeps an open mind when it comes to establishing her personal style. “I’m not sure if there is one word to describe my style,” she says. “That’s the best thing about fashion though. There are so many looks and you can make each one unique just by wearing it your own way.”

When it comes to finding the perfect garments Knox heads straight to Aquamarine at 114 (644-4550), her favorite boutique on Second Street in Lewes. “Maureen, the owner, has such a great eye for being able to look at you and in 10 seconds have your dressing room filled with 20 different things that all look amazing.” In part with the impeccable advice she finds at Aquamarine at 114, Knox finds inspiration in the accessorizing styles of starlet Lauren Conrad. “My favorite trend is definitely accessorizing—throw on a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt, looks kinda boring right? Throw in some cute rugged boots and some rock star earrings and you have yourself a flawlessly trendy look.”

As far as looking trendy any day of the week, Knox swears by the power of accessorizing. “I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s so easy to wear the same dress every week, and just by changing your accessories, be able to get a whole new look.” This fall Knox’s accessories of choice will be an assortment of boots and scarves. “Skinny jeans, a cute pair of boots, and any sweater will do the trick for staying trendy in the chilly weather.”

Knox likes to rock skinny jeans like this pair of Mavi Serenas from Downtown  Cowgirl in Rehoboth Beach,