Beating the Organization Crunch

Having a hard time keeping your stuff and holiday schedules together? A professional organizer could help.

More than 90 percent of people surveyed recently by Psychology Today magazine declared an overwhelming sense of time poverty. As a result, many pay their bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them. They also waste nearly an hour a day looking for other lost things.

A professional organizer like Sue Frost of Organize My Life can help you sort through your stuff, your time and your priorities, then organize them.

“If someone asks me to help them organize a room such as their basement, I look for other areas that will be timesaving techniques for them,” Frost says. She may, for instance, ask how they start their mornings, then make suggestions.  She helps clients identify their goals, then adjust their schedules to achieve them.

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“Planning for the holidays can be overwhelming,” she says. “Take a little time for yourself. You’ll be better off for it.”

Frost is offering 10 percent off any half- or whole-day sessions booked throughout the month of January.

Frost comes up with new organizational tips nearly every day, but tailors ideas to serve individuals. She offers a few tips here:

– Keep a to-do list and use it religiously. Move items from your to-do list to your calendar, and use one calendar for work and social engagements. This time of year, we run from party to party but neglect to schedule time to finish wrapping, tidy up for guests or finish that last minute shopping.

– In terms of gifts, consider giving an experience rather than an item. How about a skating lesson for your niece?  Arrange a reunion for family members who live far apart.  Know any tired parents? Purchase two movie tickets and offer to babysit.

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– Save cash by purchasing gift wrap at arts and crafts stores like A.C. Moore or Michaels Arts and Crafts. Those companies sell large rolls of colored packing paper that can be used all year long. Frost uses one color (she prefers burgundy) for everyone and changes up bows or ribbons.

Make a resolution to start a gift file. When your best friend mentions how much she loved her manicure, write it down. At the end of the year, you won’t be searching for ideas.

– At home, break large projects into small tasks. Think of organizing your dresser one drawer at a time. Then organize a cabinet. Eventually, the entire room will be organized. Think of holiday chores the same way.

– Look at everything in your closet. If you haven’t worn something in a year, pass it on (except outfits for special occasions). Organizing a closet makes mornings easy, which has a big impact on your day.

– For every one thing you buy, get rid of at least two things. Space is finite.

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