Being Empowered

The word being in this context connotes the present tense. The word empowered means to invest with authority. This blog is focused on the realization of the potential that lies within you right now. It’s irrelevant to any future accomplishment. For there to be any future accomplishment, you have to stop and invest your attention in the present moment and realize that you have, within yourself, everything you need to fulfill your destiny. So what is your response to that? Do you believe me? Do you think you are talented? If you don’t believe me, then maybe reading this blog is not the best way for you to spend your time. If you do believe in yourself or you want to learn to believe in yourself, then please read on. After graduating from college in 1995, I followed my passion into the health and fitness profession. I was passionate about helping people and wanted to build a career around that passion. Around 5 years into my career, I felt like something was missing in the equation. It was around this time that I took the plunge into practicing yoga. Over the last eight years, I have discovered and then studied the missing element, the mind. My mind doesn’t always believe in me and often times it doubts me. Being empowered is learning where and how to invest your attention and realizing that your potential lies within your ability to be present. With the average adult experiencing 60,000 plus thoughts a day, and over 95% of those thoughts being recurrent, we can get pretty stuck in thought patterns that are paralyzing. An untrained mind can be very detrimental to your health. It is as if we should have one of those warning signs on the side of our heads when we are born like they have on cigarette packages saying “Surgeon General warns that a mind left untrained can cause obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, insecurity, depression and an overall dissatisfaction of life.” The last eight years of yoga has taught me is how to work with my mind. Each day is a new adventure which brings new challenges and opportunities to learn. The funny thing is that as I learn to work with my mind—my body just seems to follow. I incorporate what I have learned from yoga into running, lifting weights, business meetings, and playing with my children. It is all the same. My relationship with my mind and what lies beyond thought allows me to be empowered even when things are not so comfortable. In this blog I will continue to share my unedited triumphs and challenges about being empowered.

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