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Best of Delaware 2018: Food & Drink Downstate


American Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Summer House Saloon

228RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-3895


Readers, downstate:Old World Breads

32919 Nassau Road, Lewes, 313-5191


Readers, downstate:Paradise Grill

27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500

Barbecue Place

Readers, downstate:Bethany Blues BBQ

6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500; 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500


Editors, downstate:The Rusty Rudderoffers a view clear across theRehobothBay and a deck to watch it from. That means spectacular sunset dining. Need we say more?

113 Dickinson St., Dewey Beach, 227-3888

Beach Bar

Editors, downstate: The surfboards on the walls, on the fences and in the rafters say it all atBig Chill Surf Cantina, which feels like the kind of place you’d find on safari in Baja. There’s no better place for a cold brew by Dogfish Head orMispillionRiver Brewing after an epic surf session at the inlet.

19406 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 727-5568

Beach Classic

Editors, downstate: It’s been fun to watchNantucketsRestaurantgrow over the years. From the cozy place on the highway to the still-cozy yet expanded restaurant with soaring ceilings,Nantucketshas been winning friends for about 30 years with delicious food, friendly service and a relaxing lounge. If you live in Fenwick, you’re lucky. If not, a visit is worth the summer traffic.

601 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 539-2607

Beer Selection

Readers, downstate:Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats

320RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-2739

Bike Stop

Editors, downstate: Always plan your spin on the Junction and Breakwater Trail to end atRevelation Craft Company, where you can fill your 32-ouncebrowlerwith any of its standards or great seasonal brews. The snazzy blue vessel fits in your bike’s bottle cage—and there’s no better way to recharge after your ride.

19841 Central St.,RehobothBeach, 212-5674


Editors, downstate:Jam Bistrois a quaint and cozy eatery that will appeal to all with fun food such as truffle macaroni and cheese, heavenly baked brie and big meals such as a classic strip steak. It’s the perfect spot for a drink and a bite before a show at Clear SpaceTheatre, an intimate dinner for two or a meal with friends any time. The daily happy hour is popular among locals, so get there early.

21 Baltimore Ave.,RehobothBeach, 226-5226

Breakfast Place

Readers, downstate:The Starboard

2009 Highway One, Dewey Beach, 227-4600

Breakfast Sandwiches

Editors, downstate: A customer’s testimonial tells you everything you need to know about the breakfast sandwiches atKaisy’s Delights: “They are filled withooeyand gooey goodness.” The goodness starts with Kaiser rolls that are made with organic wheat. The rolls receive a generous dose of butter on the griddle before they are packed with over-easy eggs, cheese and ham, bacon, sausage or scrapple. Sausage seems to be a customer favorite.The sandwiches are always made fresh and are never frozen. It’s a snap to get breakfast at the Lewes location, thanks to a drive-thru that opens every day at 6 a.m. Delightful.

1548 Savannah Road, Lewes, 313-4241; 70RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 212-5360


Readers, downstate:DogfishHead Brewings & Eats

320RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-2739


Readers, downstate:The Starboard

2009 Highway One, Dewey Beach, 227-4600


Readers, downstate:The Pickled Pig Pub

18756 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 645-5444

Candy-Chocolate Shop

Readers, downstate:Candy Kitchen

Del. and 1WestwayDrive, Bethany Beach, 537-7655; 123 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-8525; 100 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 537-1733; 37075 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 539-6805; 18627 Del. 1,RehobothBeach, 645-4769; 1 S. Boardwalk,RehobothBeach, 227-9200; 102RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-7195

Casual Classic

Editors, downstate:McGlynnsPubin Dover has all the characteristics of its more mature upstate cousins. It’s a sports bar. It offers a diverse, fairly priced menu and plenty of drink choices to keep customers happy. There are also fun appetizers, delicious burgers, daily dinner specials and a free happy hour buffet. It’s definitely a neighborhood destination and a comfortable place to hang out. A classic, if you will. Here’s what sets it apart: The 10-year-old pub sits on the banks of Silver Lake. That’s hard to beat.

800 N. State St., Dover, 674-0144


Readers, downstate:Bethany Blues BBQ and Beyond Catering

18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500

Charm Factor

Editors, downstate: If theRehobothof yore had a grand hotel, it would have looked likeBoardwalk Plaza, which houses the ever-popular Victoria’s Restaurant. We love the rich fabrics, the deep colors, the Victorian touches, the amazing food and, of course, the view of the boardwalk and ocean.

Boardwalk Plaza Hotel,RehobothBeach, 227-0615


Readers, downstate:Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

130 Gateway South Blvd., Dover, 698-3090; 321 Independence Blvd., Dover, 678-2808; 1604 Savannah Road, Lewes, 644-8998; 684 N.DupontHwy., Milford, 424-3309; 456 W. Glenwood Ave., Smyrna, 659-1388


Readers, downstate:SeanCorea, Fork + Flask atNage

19730 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 226-2037

Chinese Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Confucius

57 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-3848


Tom Garvey of Hooked Seafood & Martini Bar inRehobothBeach pours his eponymous cocktail called “The Garvey.”//Photo by LeslieBarbaro

Cocktail Selection

Readers, downstate:Hooked Seafood & Martini Bar

18585 Coastal Hwy., No. 23,RehobothBeach, 827-4944


Readers, downstate:The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe

37140RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 260-9734

Contemporary Italian

Editors, downstate: For nearly 30 years,DiFebo’s Restauranthas been the place to go for Italian at the beach. During that time, theDiFeboandOsiasfamilies have been perfecting the Abruzzi-style Italian cuisine that was originated by ancestors in Rosetta, Italy. Big Bob’s famous homemade red sauce remains the backbone of classic dishes such as lasagna and homemade ravioli. Other favorites include Chianti-braised short ribs with rosemary and roasted garlic served over sweet pea and asiago risotto, andDiFebo’s cioppino stew of clams, mussels, shrimp, fish and crab in a coastal pescara calamari bouillabaisse.

789 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-4550; 12 N. First St.,RehobothBeach, 226-4550

Cooking Class

Readers, downstate:grandpa (MAC)

18756 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 313-4751; 33 Baltimore Ave.,RehobothBeach, 727-5509

Crab Cakes

Readers, downstate:Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill

1904 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 260-9945

DesireeDiAntonio, owner of Restaurant 55 in Dover, winner of Best Craft Burger downstate.//Photo by LeslieBarbaro

Craft Burgers

Editors, downstate: Burgers atRestaurant 55start with local beef and turkey that was ground that day. Cheeses range from Gruyere to Gorgonzola. Top your big beef patty with bacon, or order a burger with the bacon ground into it—or try sage pork sausage. Restaurant 55 expands the idea of what a burger can be by including versions made with salmon, sashimi-quality tuna, veggies and more. And the 12 taps show a lot of love to local brewers.

2461 S. State St., Dover, 535-8102

Date Night Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Agave Mexican Restaurant

137 Second St., Lewes, 645-1232


Readers, downstate:Touch of Italy

19724 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 227-3900; 101 Second St., Lewes, 827-2730

Distillery-Craft Spirits

Readers, downstate:Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

6 Village Center Blvd., Milton, 684-1000

Family Restaurant Ever

Editors, downstate:Grotto Pizza

793Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-3398; 8 York Beach Mall, Highway One, Bethany Beach, 537-3289; 1603 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 227-3407; 1159 N.DupontHwy., Dover, 678-3278; 17467 Shady Road, Lewes, 645-9500;102SilicatoWay, Milford, 725-5111; 26090 Shoppes at Long Neck,Millsboro, 945-6000; 36RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-3278; 15 Boardwalk,RehobothBeach, 227-4588; 17 Surf Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-3601; 22925 Sussex Hwy.,Seaford, 628-2800

Family-Friendly Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Paradise Grill

27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500

Fine Dining

Readers, downstate:1776 Steakhouse

18585 Coastal Hwy., No. 6,RehobothBeach, 645-9355

Fish Tacos

Editors, downstate: They start with crispy fried fish atEl Dorado. Make them your own with any of the salsas or pickled vegetables on the salsa bar. Everything is homemade and fresh. But don’t stop with fish tacos. The shrimp version is outstanding—and so is theceviche.

18766 John J. Williams Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 645-1596

Food to Go

Readers, downstate:TacoReho

19406 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 226-8226

Food Truck

Readers, downstate:TacoReho

19406 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 226-8226

Greek-Mediterranean Restaurant

Readers, downstate:CaféAzafran

18 Baltimore Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-8100


Editors, downstate: Try them with thinly sliced chicken atSemra’s Mediterranean Grill, or opt for kabobs of wonderfully seasoned beef or lamb. The pita is soft as a pillow. But don’t think for a second thatSemra’s is a gyro stand. It serves the full range of Mediterranean foods—all delicious.

19RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-4976

Handmade Preserves

Editors, downstate:Backyard Jams & Jellieswas an artisanal producer before artisanal was a thing. You’ll find straightforward flavors such as peach, unusual flavors such as crabapple and tantalizing combos such as strawberry-Key lime. Find them at events, gourmet shops and while you’re browsing the farmers markets.

407 Chestnut St., Milton, 684-0435

Happy Hour

Readers, downstate:Fins Fish House & Raw Bar

243RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-3467

Happy Hour Menu

Editors, downstate: That dollar-off wine and three-buck beer special atStingray Sushi Bar + Asian Latino Grillpairs nicely with discounted sushi rolls, Loren barbecue wings, pork belly sliders and other apps. You could make it a meal.

59 Lake Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-6476

Ice Cream

Readers, downstate:Hopkins Farm Creamery

18186 Dairy Farm Road, Lewes, 645-7163

Indian Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Indigo Indian Cuisine

44RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 212-5220

Italian Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Touch of Italy

19724 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 227-3900; 101 Second St., Lewes, 827-2730

Jamaican-Caribbean Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Zogg’s Raw Bar & Grill

1 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-7660

Japanese Restaurant

Readers, downstate:The Cultured Pearl Restaurant & Sushi Bar

301RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-8493

Kosher Foods

Editors, downstate: The only thing better than a good corned beef or pastrami sandwich is a sandwich with corned beef and pastrami.Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicatessenmakes them great. You’ll also find matzo ball soup, bagels, lox and kippers, apple cake, noodlekugeland just about any other Kosher delight you can think of.

18949 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 645-1700

Kosher Grocer

Editors, downstate: Wares and fare at littleJerusalem International Groceryinclude not only Kosher products, but favorites from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Russia—hummuses, olive oils, dates, dried peas and lentils, pickles and pickled turnips, cold cuts, halvah and other sweets. There’s no other place like it in the state.

34396TenleyCourt, Lewes, 644-1700

Late Night Menu

Readers, downstate:Fins Fish House & Raw Bar

243RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-3467

Lobster Rolls

Editors, downstate: Lobster rolls have clawed their way onto many a menu during the past few years, and there are many fine versions out there. But the rolls atMason’s Famous Lobster Rollsare as the name states, famous—and for good reason. The folks at Mason’s give them the Maine treatment. That means keeping it traditional and simple. Choose from the classic, served chilled with mayo and lemon butter; the Connecticut, served with warm butter; the lobster salad version or the lobster BLT. It’s all good. At Mason’s, that’s how they roll.

67RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 727-0411

Lunch Downtown

Editors, downstate:33 West Ale House & Grillremains a lunchtime staple for movers and shakers in our state capital. Grab a healthy salad,paninior wrap, or a tasty burger. Daily lunch specials often feature seasonal dishes. If you hit happy hour later, choose from 14 rotating drafts and more than 20 bottled craft brews.

33LoockermanSt., Dover, 735-9822

Lunch Spot

Readers, downstate:Arena’s Milford

200 NE Front St., Milford, 442-3354; Arena’s at the Airport, 21553 Rudder Lane, Georgetown, 856-3297; Arena’sCafé, 17314 N. Village Main Blvd., Lewes, 644-0370; Arena’sCafé, 20312 Highway One,RehobothBeach, 226-2233; Arena’s Deli and Bar, 149RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-1272; Arena’s Long Neck, 25938 Plaza Drive, No. 5,Millsboro, 947-4700


Editors, downstate:Big Chill Surf Cantinaisn’t just a typical beer bar at the beach. Order a specialty margarita such as the Platinum, made with Don JulioReposado, Cointreau and fresh-squeezed orange juice—or try one made with a house-infused tequila, such as blueberry, coconut or jalapeno. There are more than 40 brands of tequila andmezcalon the shelf.

19406 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 727-5568

Mexican Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Agave Mexican Restaurant

137 Second St., Lewes, 645-1232


Editors, downstate: Belgian brew-focusedThe Pig and Publicanis known for its many preparations of mussels. A regular appetizer includes mussels served with Parmesan, baby arugula, Chardonnay cream, bratwurst, shaved fennel, roasted tomato, Belgian ale lamb sausage, roasted peppers, spinach, saffron broth, ginger-jalapeno, charred carrot, cilantro and yellow curry. A recent special called Bivalves & Bovine paired mussels (or four oysters) with either beef short rib or steak and fries.

516 E. Savannah Road, Lewes, 313-4487


Readers, downstate:Bethany Blues BBQ

6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500; 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500

Neighborhood Bar

Editors, downstate: No place is as essential to the Irish as the pub, and none is as essential here asSheridan’s Irish Pub. Sheridan’s bar measures 22 feet, if that tells you anything. Check the craft beer board for available brews or enjoy daily specials on brands such asSmithwick’s and Guinness, as wells as wings, burgers and nachos. The 52-seat outdoor deck is a popular spot in season, and there is live entertainment every Friday—a neighborhood bar must. The menu ranges from American dishes likecheesesteaksand New York strip to traditional Irish faves like shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, Guinness stew and corned beef and cabbage. The Irish decor is authentic, as the owners emigrated from Ireland in 1985. Cheers.

44 W. Commerce St., Smyrna, 659-5566

New Brewpub

Editors, downstate: The folks who brought us Fins Fish House & Raw Bar have spawned another popular pub.Big Oyster Breweryopened last year in a bright red, barn-like structure along one of the gateways to historic Lewes. The brewpub’s nautical decor features unique touches such as outboard boat motors that hang on the wall and real oyster shells atop the 16 beer tap handles. The beer is brewed on-site in a glass-enclosed room behind the bar. House-made brews include Big Oyster Stout, with notes of dark chocolate, black coffee and caramel—which is, appropriately, brewed with local oyster shells. The lunch menu includes oyster stew and a fried oyster po’boy, while lunch and dinner menus offer a build-your-own steam pot with oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp and snow crab legs. Lobster and crab mac and cheese, surf and turf and ribs are just some of the dinnerentrées. If youdidn’t get your fill of beer, Big Oyster has four-packs to go, as well ascrowlersand growlers.

1007 Kings Hwy., Lewes, 644-2621

New Restaurant

Readers, downstate:BluecoastSeafood Grill + Raw Bar

Rehoboth, 30115 Veterans Way,RehobothBeach, 278-7395


Editors, downstate: Step off busyRehobothAvenue into208 Socialfor an intimate end to your evening. The charming 3-year-old restaurant feels warm and welcoming from the moment you enter. The drink menu is concise but carefully considered, with a handful of beers and wines and a number of specialty cocktails, such as Goose & The Stag—made with Gin Lane 1751,Caperitif, bitters and lime—and the aptly named Last Stop ofDalwhinnie15-year-old Scotch,BananeduBrésiland bitters.

208 Second St.,RehobothBeach, 227-6700

One Stop Shop at the Beach

Editors, downstate:Fifer’s Farm MarketCaféis a convenient stop forbeachgoers, vacationers and locals alike. The market features fruits and vegetables grown at family-owned Fifer Orchards in Camden-Wyoming. It also offers a full-service deli that serves signature sandwiches during breakfast and lunch. Grocery items, coffee, specialty foods, salads, ice cream and bakery items are also found here. What more does one really need?

200 Cullen St., Dewey Beach, 227-8680

Outdoor Dining

Readers, downstate:Paradise Grill

27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500

Pasta Dishes

Editors, downstate: For 45 years,Roma ItalianRistorantehas been the go-to for your choice of noodle with your choice of sauce and meat or seafood, plus delicious baked dishes such as lasagna and stuffed shells. More than ever, it still feels like home. Here’s to another 45.

3 President Drive, Dover, 678-1041


Readers, downstate:Nicola Pizza

8 N. First St.,RehobothBeach, 227-6211

Place Almost Off the Beaten Path

Editors, downstate: Only a few hundred feet from Del. 1, turn intoPaynter’s Mill to find thenew-ishA Different Kitchen, a contemporary, comfortable place that is winning friends through delicious Asian foods such as hard-to-findbaobuns with your choice of fillings. The menu includes a thoughtful selection ofphoand ramen, plus big meals with an Asian spin, such as a teriyaki-style strip steak. Enjoy with a sake-based cocktail.

16388 SamuelPaynterBlvd., Milton, 313-4014

Place for All Tastes

Editors, downstate: The menu atShorebreakLodgechanges regularly—often to embrace seasonal flavors—but fresh ingredients consistently reign supreme. From heartyentréessuch as porkossobuccoto shareable sides like wild mushroombruschetta, there’s something to suit every appetite. Plus, eclectic wines and handcrafted cocktails abound.

10 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-1007

Place that Always Stands Out

Editors, downstate: The 45-year run of theThe Back PorchCaféis unparalleled at the beach, and for good reason: Food and friends always come first. The kitchen draws on the classics while stepping into the novel. The wine list offers smart selections from around the world.

59RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-3674

Place to Bring Your Own Crowd

Editors, downstate:NorthbeachRestaurant & Bayside Bar(and previous incarnations of the site) has been a Dewey Beach mainstay for many summers. The place is practically floating inRehobothBay, so it offers beautiful sunsets to go with its frozen drinks and American fare. At night, the place fills with party animals and transforms into an instant nightclub. With jamming music and plenty of drinks flowing,Northbeachranks with the Bottle & Cork and Rusty Rudder as a classic beach party place.

125 McKinley St., Dewey Beach, 227-3888

Place to Celebrate

Editors, downstate:Michele’s Restauranthas always been a popular destination for locals to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and many other special occasions. The fine dining spot is known for its upscale menu—specifically the surf and turf—and its brunch buffet is a Sunday ritual. It also offers specials, such as half-pricedentréesduring Ladies Night on Thursdays. No celebration is complete without wine, and Michele’s impressive list includes many choices from world-renowned vineyards. Now, let’s pop the cork.

1131 N.DupontHwy., Dover, 674-4600

Place to Drink without Worrying About the Kids

Editors, downstate: From a picnic table on the deck atCrooked Hammock Brewery, you can keep an eye on the kids as they climb the jungle gym, harass the ping-pong players and throw various flying objects around on the lawn. Your Backyard Brown ale, Beach Haze IPA or other choice of cold one is brewed on the spot. The menu is loaded with beach food and kid faves. Hanging at the Hammock is not unlike chilling at the cottage, except that you never need to leave your seat.

36707 Crooked Hammock Way, Lewes, 644-7837

Place to Impress Your Snooty New York Foodie Friends

Editors, downstate: In the stylish dining rooms ofBlue Moon, choose from the steak and chop section of the menu or from the selection of seafood fresh off the boat. Everything changes as things come and go with the seasons—or the week—so the kitchen is always trying something new and exciting. After your meal, adjourn to the outdoor lounge for dancing and a drag show.

35 Baltimore Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-6515

Place to Impress Your Snooty San Francisco Foodie Friends

Editors, downstate: Napa may claim it was the birthplace of farm-to-table dining, butOur Harvestseems as earnest in its sourcing of foods as the famous French Laundry. The result: savoryshareablessuch as woodsy West Coast morels served with house-made parsleypappardelle, preserved lemon,pecorinoand garlicconfitin brown butter, as well asGiannonechicken from Quebec. Charred in a wood-fired stove after slow roasting, the flesh is supremely moist. In an area where frequent restaurant openings and closings have bred a sort of fickleness for all but the most established places, the comfortable rusticity and excellent food at year-old Our Harvest has quickly made it a local favorite.

1106 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 581-0377


​Editors, downstate: Celebrating a year in business, the popularMiyagiRamen Barhas beat the odds thanks to toothsome homemade noodles served steaming hot in broths that are made from scratch and presented beautifully. The green Thai curry is divine. Don’t miss the fish cakes. The cozy restaurant feelsbeachy, industrial and Japanese all at the same time. If ithadn’t already been discovered by so many, we’d call it a real find.

19266 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 567-2385

Restaurant for a Party

Readers, downstate:Bethany Blues BBQ

6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500; 18385 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2500

Restaurant Reboot

Editors, downstate: Last year, the landmark boat that wasGilligan’s Waterfront Restaurantfor its first 15 years went the way of the SS Minnow, but don’t fret, Skipper. The new space is modern and spacious and the view of the head boats and other nautical scenery along theLewes-RehobothCanal is better than ever. The view can be enjoyed equally from the bar, dining room and patio at the new Gilligan’s. Owners Garry and CherylTiltonadded more than 20 seats, including a new outdoor bar area, thanks to the rebuild. And you can now enjoy the place year-round. Those crab cakes and shrimp salad sandwichesdidn’t go anywhere.

134 W. Market St., Lewes, 644-7230

Romantic Atmosphere

Readers, downstate:The Buttery

102 Second St., Lewes, 645-7755

Rooftop Bar

Editors, downstate: Where can you slurp oysters and Orange Crushes while enjoying a 360-degree view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River inlet, bay and bridge? If you haven’t experiencedBig Chill Beach Club, you are in for a treat. This beachfront hangout boasts a family-friendly rooftop bar and restaurant with a colossal 4,600-square-foot umbrella deck. Enjoy beach fare from fish tacos and smoked bluefish dip to nachos, burgers and crab cakes. Go in the evening and let the bridge’s blue lights brighten your experience. Did we mention the cool ocean breezes?

19406 Coastal Hwy., Bethany Beach, 402-5300


Readers, downstate:Crust & Craft

18701 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 313-5029


Readers, downstate:Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

130 Gateway South Blvd., Dover, 698-3090; 321 Independence Blvd., Dover, 678-2808; 1604 Savannah Road, Lewes, 644-8998; 684 N.DupontHwy., Milford, 424-3309; 456 W. Glenwood Ave., Smyrna, 659-1388


Readers, downstate:Big Fish Grill

20298 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 227-3474

Seafood Market

Readers, downstate:LewesFishhouse

17696 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-0708

Small Plates

Editors, downstate: TheentréesatThe Blue Henare delicious, but free-range diners can keep themselves busy by exploring the gastro-twists on items such as Devils on Horseback (dates stuffed with chorizo, wrapped in bacon, with lemon whipped chevre) and crispy cauliflower (with pomegranate molasses, Greek yogurt and mint). The hungriest among us might opt for the aptly named smorgasbord of beet-cured salmon,rilletteof smoked fish, smoked mussels and much more.

33 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 278-7842

Smoked Salmon Bagel not from New York

Editors, downstate: For all its perks, Delaware’s fast-casual dining scene lacks a wide range of good New York-style bagels (chewy with a slightly crackly crust).Surf Bagelis an exception. It serves sandwiches and spreads that fully satisfy for breakfast, lunch or even a quick bite in between. But we love none more than a traditional smoked salmon.

17382 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-1822; 18675 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 644-4822

Soul Food

Readers, downstate:The Southern Grille ofEllendale

13239 S. Old State Road,Ellendale, 422-9090

Sports Bar

Readers, downstate:Arena’s Deli & Bar

149RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-1272


Readers, downstate:1776 Steakhouse

18585 Coastal Hwy., No. 6,RehobothBeach, 645-9355

Steak and Seafood Together

Editors, downstate: UpscaleBonzRestaurant & Loungehas always been known for its great steaks, such as the bone-in rib-eye, tender filets and the famous AmericanWagyuflat-iron steak. But we holdBonz’s seafood in equally high regard. The Parmesan-encrusted sea bass and herb-roasted salmonentréesare two reasons. They are boosted by pan-roasted scallops and lobster tail appetizers. It’s safe to say that ordering either surf or turf atBonzis no roll of the dice.

Harrington Raceway & Casino, 18500 S.DupontHwy., Harrington, 398-5348


Readers, downstate:Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

130 Gateway South Blvd., Dover, 698-3090; 321 Independence Blvd., Dover, 678-2808; 1604 Savannah Road, Lewes, 644-8998; 684 N.DupontHwy., Milford, 424-3309; 456 W. Glenwood Ave., Smyrna, 659-1388

Summer Cooler

Editors, downstate: We can’t get enough of all-naturalSummer J. Artisan Ice Pops, a more grownup version of the popsicle in flavors such as blueberry lemonade, cucumber mint and curry cantaloupe. Look for them at farmers markets and special events.

219 Beach Hwy., No. 83, Milton, 803-5775


Readers, downstate:The Cultured Pearl Restaurant & Sushi Bar

301RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 227-8493

Taste of the Isles

Editors, downstate: Itdoesn’t get any more authentic thanmashypeas. They come with your bangers and mash atGo Fish!andGo Brit!But you can also order a side with your fish and chips (thick, crispy filets of cod). The fisherman’s pie and shepherd’s pie are peerless. And there is no sweet treat on Earth like the homemade sticky toffee pudding.

Go Fish!, 24RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-1044; Go Brit!, 18388 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, 644-2250

Taste of the Sea

Editors, downstate: You cannot go wrong when you start with a sampler of oysters and clams from across the country atHenlopenCity Oyster House. The steam pots yield even more clams and oysters, plus mussels and sweet gooseneck barnacles. Classic apps include oysters Rockefeller and clams casino. The bouillabaisse is timeless.

50 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 260-9193

Thai Restaurant

Readers, downstate:Lily Thai Cuisine

10 N. First St.,RehobothBeach, 227-3348


Editors, downstate: It can be hard to save room for dessert atLupoItalian Kitchen, but if chef Chris Park’s tiramisu is on the menu, order it immediately—even if you think you can’t possibly eat one more bite, even if you think you don’t like tiramisu. Creamy, delicate, boozy, rich and dense, it is transcendent.

247RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-2240

Traditional Pizza

Readers, downstate:Nicola Pizza

8 N. First St.,RehobothBeach, 227-6211; 71RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-2654

Vegan-Vegetarian Friendly

Readers, downstate:NectarCaféJuice Bar

111NeilsAlley, Lewes, 645-5842

Water View Dining

Readers, downstate:Paradise Grill

27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500

Way to Finish a Meal

Editors, downstate: Save the best for last atEden, where after-dinner treats include Key lime pie,crèmebrûléeand a dark chocolate torte. The restaurant’s exhaustive wine list boasts a dessert-specific selection so ending each meal on a high note is a piece of cake.

23 Baltimore Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-3330

Wine List

Readers, downstate:Salt Air

50 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-3744

Wine Store

Readers, downstate:Atlantic Liquors

19108 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 645-5229


Bethany Beach-Ocean View

Readers:Bethany Blues BBQ

6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 537-1500​


Readers:Salt Air

50 Wilmington Ave.,RehobothBeach, 227-3744

Dewey Beach

Readers:Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill

1904 Coastal Hwy., Dewey Beach, 260-9945


Readers:Cool Springs Fish Bar & Restaurant

2463 S. State St., Dover, 698-1955

Fenwick Island-West Fenwick

Readers:Catch 54

38931 Madison Ave., Fenwick Island, 436-8600


Readers:The Brick Hotel

18 The Circle, Georgetown, 856-1836​


Readers:Agave Mexican Restaurant

137 Second St., Lewes, 645-1232


Readers:Abbott’s Grill

249 NE Front St., Milford, 491-6736


Readers:Paradise Grill

27344 Bay Road, Long Neck, 945-4500


Readers:Po’ Boys Creole & Fresh Catch

900 Palmer St., Milton, 684-0890


Readers:Fins Fish House & Raw BarandFins Ale House and Raw Bar

243RehobothAve.,RehobothBeach, 226-3467; 19269 Coastal Hwy.,RehobothBeach, 227-3467


Readers:Abbott’s on Broad Creek

300 Delaware Ave., Laurel, 280-6172


Readers:Helen’s Sausage House

4866 N. DuPont Hwy., Smyrna, 653-4200