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Best Places to Work in Delaware in 2013: Schell Brothers, Rehoboth Beach


Boss of the Year: 
Chris Schell does so many things for people that you won’t see in the newspaper or on our website. He cares for you like you are a part of his family. He is the modern-day Superman.” —Joe Wobeter,  Schell sales associate

Schell Brothers is a builder of new homes in Delaware and the Sussex County beach resort area.

Lyn Mox, Clean Energy USA, a division of Schell Brothers

On teamwork …
“Right now we are all having a Biggest Loser contest (to lose weight). We were placed on different teams. It’s a great opportunity to smack-talk others and work with some people you may not usually interact with.”

On work/life balance …
“They always include family in most everything we do. We have many extracurricular activities that are for the kids and for our families. Also, they encourage working out during work hours if you get your work done.”

On your excellent benefits package …
“We have a state-of-the-art gym in our new building. Our entire family has access to it 24/7. It is a huge benefit. Chris Schell is always encouraging us to work out and be more productive. Bonuses go to those who win challenges and make customers happy with our happy stories at our company meetings.”

Does your company offer a 401(k) profit sharing plan?
“Yes. They match up to 6 percent of what you put in.”

On diversity …
“Well, we have a very diverse group of people in this building. I am not sure if there is a policy or anything. All ages, genders, sexual orientation, races.”

On good morale and positive culture …
“We are all about happy! No one is able to bitch about others. It’s all about working on yourself and being the best employee you can be. Such a positive place to be.”

On funky, fun stuff …
“We have the Schelly Awards, beer pong/costume party, Family Beach Day, block parties, company happy hours and trips.”

On your favorite workplace leader …
“Chris Schell is really inspirational. He always is encouraging and positive and loves his employees. He will (even) help an employee out financially. One time, an employee bought a home that ended up being termite-infested. Schell Brothers rebuilt the entire home for them and it cost the employee nothing.”

Scott A. Rogers, computer aided designer

On your excellent benefits package …
“We have a complete gym in the basement of our office. We do many Christmas and holiday functions completely paid for by the company. We have personal IDs that entitle us to discounts at over 20 local merchants.”

On rewarding accomplishments …
“We are awarded at Christmas with bonuses and plaques for individual accomplishments. After three years, everyone working for the company is entered into profit sharing.”

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