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Bridal boot camp: trainer Jay Raymond of GameShape in Wilmington, Delaware, shares exercise tips


Every bride wants to look good—make that great—on her wedding day, when all eyes will be on her.

More brides-to-be are booking time with fitness trainers for a “bridal boot camp” to get in shape for the big day and a skin-baring honeymoon.

With many couples going to tropical destinations for their honeymoon these days, it isn’t enough to tone up for the wedding dress. Brides are focused on how they will look in a bikini as well, says Jay Raymond, a trainer and owner at GameShape in Wilmington. At the very least, this means working the arms, abs, legs and glutes.

Raymond asks brides three key questions to help him design an exercise regimen: What is your diet like? How much rest do you get? And how much time do you have to commit to exercise?

He says the optimum answers indicate that the bride makes nutrition a priority, that she is getting at least eight hours of sleep a night, and that she can put in time at the gym three or four times a week, plus exercise on her own.

Fortunately, most brides are highly motivated. “For the most part, they want to look really good in that wedding gown,” Raymond says. He recommends that ideally, brides start working out an hour a day, five days a week, starting as soon as possible.

Raymond encourages the groom, the wedding party and the family to get involved in exercising so that the brides will make the healthy habits they learn a permanent part of their lives. “It’s a journey, it’s not a destination, he says.—S.D.

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