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Bud Martin: Executive Director of Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington


When Bud Martin proposed the idea of ending the season at Delaware Theatre Company with a big musical, the reply was, “How can we afford to?” “How can we afford not to?” he responded. His big plan as new executive director of the DTC: bigger houses, more ticket sales. He intends to accomplish both by adding shows, both “the classics that people want to see, as well as the new, challenging theater that they should want to see,” he says. Add to that a holiday show and that big musical. “The aim is to create a balanced season,” he says. Martin, of Kennett Square, seems more than capable. He worked full time in theater from 1972 till 1982, then went into finance. Having started several successful businesses, he cashed out a few years ago to return to theater. He has produced several shows on Broadway, then went to work full time at Act II Playhouse in Ambler, Pa., where he served four years as producing director. In that time, he boosted subscriptions by half, increased single-ticket sales by more than a third and put the flagging theater back in the black. He came to know DTC intimately through a joint presentation of “Time Stands Still” last year. With twice the number of seats and twice the budget of Act II, he sees enormous potential. Not only can he stage more lavish productions, he expects DTC’s proximity to New York will draw big-city talent. His connections on Broadway won’t hurt, and he hopes that will translate to originating new works here that will move on to New York, thus making DTC one of the country’s premier regional theaters. “I think the coming season is extremely exciting,” Martin says. “We have big talent and recognizable shows. This will be a great transitional year.”