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Businesses: What the Better Business Bureau Can Do for You


The BBB was started by businesses to serve consumers and business people. BBB accreditation provides businesses with a stamp of approval that attracts consumers wanting to know whom they can trust. The BBB offers many other benefits.

Benefit from BBB Accreditation
Consumers know that accredited companies are trustworthy, community-minded and operate with integrity. That verification can go a long way toward convincing customers to seek your company’s services. A recent study found that the BBB is well-known and trusted by the North American public. It also found that the BBB name enjoys a “halo effect” that is imparted to businesses accredited by the organization.

Obtain Referrals
Consumers who call the BBB of Delaware for information and advice are referred to our accredited businesses. In addition, our Request-a-Quote service allows consumers to go through the BBB Web site to obtain quotes or request proposals. These requests are then forwarded to our accredited businesses so that they can respond directly.

Access Business Tools
The BBB’s Web site contains a library of resources and tool kits to help businesses understand government regulations, handle sensitive data and protect their investments.

Get Alerted to Scams
With its national reach, the BBB can learn early on about the latest scams and shady practices and warn businesses.

Network with Other Businesses
Even the wisest businessperson can learn from others. BBB accreditation gives individuals and businesses more opportunities to interact and new ways to develop professional skills.

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