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Cindy Cunningham: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mental Health, DelTech


Clinical Nurse Specialist  |  Mental Health

Cindy Cunningham, RN, PMHCNS. Delaware Technical Community College and ABR Counseling of Kent County

Psychiatric nurses work with people during the most difficult time of their lives. We truly can make a difference by incorporating the art and science of nursing, so we must be good listeners and be able to demonstrate a genuine caring and acceptance for our patients. It is not an easy field of nursing to work in, but when a patient says to you, “Because of your help, I want to live,” it makes all the difference. I have the honor of teaching nursing students to share my passion for psychiatric nursing. My hope is that through the use of therapeutic communication and caring, they will make a significant difference in the lives of their patients. Working in a private practice, I am able to help my patients, through medication management and therapy, cope with very difficult issues.