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Melissa Stacey, Wedding Date: August 15, 2009
Well, after dating my now fiance for 11 years, I always hoped marriage would be in the near future. But the years kept coming but the proposal didn't. One day out of the blue, we decide to take a ride to a jewelry store in Pennsylvania for something to do. After walking in and looking at all the pretty jewelry, I made my way over to the engagement ring settings. After gawking at a setting for a couple of minutes, the gentleman behind the counter asked if I wanted to try it on, "why not", I said. My boyfriend commented on how pretty it was, and then all of the sudden he asks, "would you like to have it". "Of course", I said. So we then proceeded to find the perfect diamond and then I suddenly went from not knowing if I will ever be engaged to kind of being engaged. After a couple of months of knowing the ring was purchased, I was wondering how my boyfriend was going to pull off surprising me with a proposal. Weeks went by and still nothing. Well, I had arranged for us to have a couples picture taken at J.C.Pennys portraits because it had been seven years since our last photograph together. Not thinking he would take the opportunity to propose during our pictures (because he hates having his picture taken with the passion), there it was. I turned around and there he was, on one knee. His nickname for me is Cupcake so that is how he proposed, "Cupcake, will you marry me?". I started to cry as he was putting the ring on, and we have it all photographed. My fiance, had called the photographer ahead of time to let them know his plan. So I have every picture from him being on one knee all the way to my "Yes" kiss.

Our wedding date is scheduled for August 15th, 2009, which will be our 12 year anniversary exactly. The photographer had commented to us that in the whole 18 years she has been a photographer, this is her very first proposal. This is a moment no one else has.

Heather Quinlan and Josh, Wedding Date: August 22, 2009
My now fiance Josh and I met on a whim back in January 2005. My cousin was having a house warming party and at the last minute my friend and I decided to attend. When we arrived I was greeted by my cousin and Josh, I later found out that he hadn't seen my cousin in two years and also a the last minute decided to attend. Josh and my cousin have been friends since they were 10; it is just funny to think that our paths never crossed till that night. Josh and I began talking, exchanged phone numbers, and eventually began dating.

Fast forward to December 2007, Josh and I are huge Christmas fanatics. Not the presents but putting up lights on our house, going to the tree farm to find that perfect tree, Christmas carols on the radio, and spending time with family and friends.

This particular Christmas was extra special I was pregnant with our beautiful son Colton and anticipating his arrival on January 20th. Well God and Colton had other plans and he was born on December 22, 2007. We came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve; at that time I could not have imagined what could possibly make this day and Christmas even more special and exciting. I was upstairs wrapping presents because obviously with our unexpected arrival I had nothing done. I was called downstairs by my future stepdaughter Charlotte who said daddy has something to show me. I came down the stairs into our family room and saw my future mother-in-law with our camera and Josh and Charlotte kneeling in front of me. I didn't even notice the signs sitting in front of them. I just thought to myself "what are these three up to"? At that same moment, Josh and Charlotte began holding up their signs one by one that said " WILL YOU MARRY US"? At that moment I burst into tears and fell to my k! nees. Josh came over and knelt in front of me and handed me the most beautiful wrapped gift I had ever seen. Inside was this wooden trinket box that held the most amazing ring I could have imagine. I was crying so hard I forgot to say "yes" but of course I did. My hands were so swollen still from giving birth that the ring wouldn't fit on my finger, but with a little persistence and pushing I was able to wedge the ring on. It is just amazing how a chance meeting has turned into a life that I could not imagine living without Josh and our beautiful children.


Thomas Hoffman, Wedding Date; May 30, 2010
The proposal began on Thanksgiving, where before picking up my girlfriend, I snuck over to her parent’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. After receiving their blessing I informed them of my plan and secured their help in making everything go well. A month later, I drove overnight from Delaware and picked up my girlfriend from work at Akron Children’s Hospital on Dec. 26. She had no clue where we were going or doing, only she needed an evening dress. She believed the whole trip and weekend was going to be her Christmas present. After picking her up, we drove to Pittsburgh, where we are planning to live once we are married. We went to an old 18th century church and priory converted to gorgeous hotel called The Priory, where we stayed in the largest suite. After getting a few hours of sleep, we went to the cultural district for dinner at Nine on Nine. To keep up the ruse of a Christmas gift, I gave her a new evening clutch to match her dress for the evening prior to dinner. We had an amazing dinner, where the executive chef prepared a 6 course tasting menu for the two of us. After dinner, we walked a block to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, for front seats to the Nutcracker. As we left the show, a limo was waiting for us in front of the theater, which took us to Mount Washington overlooking the city. With the city at our feet, I told here I am the best man I can possibly be when I am with you and I want to spend the rest of my life being that man before dropping to one knee and asking her to marry me. After a happy and tearful yes, we walked back to the limo, where the driver was waiting with a bottle of champagne. We took a driving tour of the city while she called her family and we enjoyed our champagne. We ended the night at an upscale martini lounge, Olive or Twist, before heading back to hotel. The following day we returned to Cleveland. We went to her parents home to show them the ring. Which was a cover story for a surprise engagement dinner with her entire family. The whole weekend was magical and we are now looking forward to a Memorial Day 2010 wedding.

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Shawn Cortijo and Tabitha, Wedding Date: September 12, 2009
My name is Shawn. I live with my now fiancé, Tabitha, in Georgetown. We had been dating for 5 years and had planned a Christmas trip to Disney. I had everything planned out and she didn't know a thing. It was Christmas Eve and we were having a great time walking through the parks. Tabitha wanted to get pictures in front of Cinderella's Castle so I went up to a park guide and asked him to take some pictures of us. She didn't know that I told him that I was going to propose and to take lots of pictures. We had gotten a few pictures done when all of a sudden I got down on one knee. Tabitha looked down and started crying. She kept saying Oh My God...are you serious? She was pretty much speechless. I started to tear up as well and told her she was the best thing that had ever happened to me and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. She immediately said yes. She was the happiest person in the world because I made her dreams come true. Christmas Eve of 2008 was the best day of both of our lives.

Toni Papachrysanthou and Steve, Wedding Date: January 2, 2010
Steve and I had been together for about 5 years and we decided to visit my family in Greece in September 08 for vacation. We wanted to go to an island during our stay so we went to Mykonos for a few days where I also have an aunt who lives there as well. She showed us different beaches during the day and offered to give us a tour at night of the city. She also wanted to show us the spot that is a tourist attraction where the sunset is by the infamous Mykonos windmills. We just caught the sunset with my aunt snapping pictures and all of a sudden Steve took my hand and got down on one knee. My aunt thought he was joking for the camera, but he was serious and proposed right on the beach with the ring in his pocket and a slew of onlookers. Of course I said yes just as the sun was setting and we were able to capture it all on film (I'm sure some tourists have it on camera as well!) A side note, when we went through airport security, my carry ons were opened and che! cked, but Steve's were not and the ring was in his bag - it may have been an emergency proposal at the Philadelphia airport! We currently live in Charlotte, NC but we're having our wedding in Delaware where we grew up.

Nancy Powichroski and Matthew Sherman, Wedding Date: June 13, 2009
A move to a new state.  A house being built.  A secret ring purchase.  A broken nose.  Four keys to the best proposal ever.

Matthew and I have dated for over twelve years.  We always knew that we were moving toward marriage, but the business of life and famil y matters did not provide the best opportunity.  Then, it all fell into place.  We moved to Delaware together, took on new jobs, and signed the paperwork to build a home together.  The big question, however, remained in the air.

One day, I needed to travel back to Baltimore on business, and I spent the night at my cousin’s house.  The next morning, I surprised Matthew with a phone call from the emergency room of GBMC to tell him that I had slipped in my cousin’s shower and broken my nose and probably a rib or two.  His quick response of concern included the promise to take me to dinner at a special restaurant in downtown Rehoboth.

The next evening, December 23, we shared imported Russian caviar and espresso martinis at a restaurant reserved for only the most special occasions.  He told me that he had planned that we would walk on the boardwalk to look at the Christmas lights after dinner, but it was pouring freezing rain that night.  So, he suggested we drive to the community where our house was being built, saying that we could see how the neighbors decorated for the holidays.

While listening to his favorite Christmas soundtrack, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” Matthew pulled onto the temporary gravel driveway in front of what was then the concrete foundation that would eventual ly hold our home.  He flipped on the interior lights, held out the red ring box that I recognized as a Smyth box, opened it to a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and asked, “Nancy Lynn, will you marry me?” Later, I learned that he had purchased the ring a month earlier during a business trip of his own.  I also discovered that many of my friends had already seen the ring; he had taken it with him to his job at the bookstore where he showed it to those closest to us.

Matthew had planned and delivered the best proposal I could ever want.  He had picked the perfect ring from my favorite jeweler without my knowing about it.  He had taken into consideration my love for Christmas lights and for the boardwalk.  And he had done a great job of i mprovising when my nose provided the excuse for the special dinner and when the rain hindered his original design; in fact, the switch in proposal location made our driveway a very special place:  How many brides-to-be get that famous question popped in front of their future home?


Stacey Ruth and Tom Smith, Wedding Date: July 18, 2010
Tom and I started dating about 5 years ago when we were attending the University of Delaware pursuing our undergraduate degrees; Tom in photography and myself in early childhood special education. From the beginning of our relationship, Tom and I shared a love of travel that has taken us on many exciting adventures together. The most exciting adventure was by far this past summer when we attended one of our most favorite getaways, the Finger Lakes Region of New York. On July 18th, we headed up to Seneca Lake on our yearly trip to the Finger Lakes Wine Festival. The wine festival is a 3 day event that kicks off with a Toga party in which they crown the King and Queen of the festival followed by 2 more days of tasting the indescribable and unparalleled wines of the region surrounded by the most lush and tranquil landscape of rolling hills, scenic lakes, and endless vineyards.

As we were packing for our annual road trip and Tom was loading up his camera and tripod, he mentioned that I should wear something nice so that we could get our picture taken under our waterfall in Watkins Glen State Park, a natural gorge carved by waterfalls that is always a stop on our trips to the area. I simply thought we were going to get a nice picture taken in one of our most favorite locations; boy was I wrong! When we got to the park, we began our hike up into the gorge and stopped to set up Toms tripod under our favorite waterfall. I was posing as I usually do so that he could frame up the shot, set the timer, and jump in the picture. Little to my knowledge, as I was admiring the beautiful scenery, he had informed a stranger that he was about to propose and asked him if he would hold the shutter button down and catch every second of the proposal on camera. I was overwhelmed with emotion and started crying and of course accepted! Thanks to the kind stranger and Tom's creative stroke of genius, we have every frame of the proposal permanently preserved to cherish for a lifetime.

As if the excitement of the day wasn't already enough, we got dressed in our togas to attend the wine festival kick-off party that evening, still overcome with emotion from the days earlier events. We entered the King and Queen of the festival competition not even caring if we won or lost. When they announced the winners, we could not believe they had called our names! Our picture was placed in several of the local newspapers and we were treated like royalty for the rest of the weekend. It was truly something out of a fairy tale that can only be brought to a close with the King and Queen being married at Belhurst Castle on Seneca lake on July 18, 2010.

Debbie Desantis and Mike, Wedding Date: November 7, 2009
I woke at one Friday in December, alone, to find a trail of roses leading to a tape recorder hanging from a light fixture in the loft outside our bedroom. A note read “this is one of a series of clues that would lead to a life changing event”. I had to go to 7 different locations by a certain time, meet 7 significant people who had both a special gift & a tape with a song relevant to our relationship and the next clue. Each tape had a random letter on it and I had to wait an hour between each location otherwise I’d lose the prizes. Needless to say, I grabbed my camera and accepted the 9-hr Scavenger Hunt.

Tape #1-Our loft, rose petals leading to a tape player, gift: $100 Cash
Tape #2-Our living room (first house together), person met: his dad, gift: Jewelry
Tape #3-Wilmington University (first met), person met: Mutual School Friend, gift: 3 Dozen Long Stem Roses
Tape #4-Denny’s (our first date), person met: Our Roommate, gift: Godiva chocolates & was treated to a Chocolate chip pancake lunch which he surprisingly remembered as my meal that day.
Tape #5-Staples (first worked together), person met: Store Manager, gift: GPS w/ coordinates to last location.
Tape #6-Darley Road Elementary (first told his best friend/my ex about us), person met: his Best Friend/my Ex, gift: Stuffed Bunnies
Tape #7-My parent’s house (first holiday together), person met: my grandmother who lives so far away that I rarely see her, gift: Ball Gown & Tiara. My sister timed her lunch break so she could come and do my hair & make-up.
Tape #8-Penn’s Landing (our first kiss), person met: Mike in a full Tuxedo, gift: 2-Carat Engagement Ring.

He proposed on the landing above the ice rink where we spent our first New Years together. At this point, with him in his tux and me in my gown and the rain falling all around, he got down on one knee, and lined up my tapes on the bench to spell out “M-A-R-R-Y M-E”! So Naturally because I was tired and cranky from driving around for 9+ hours I decided to be cruel and pretend to think about it and he got up and said, “Fine, I have two other girls waiting over by the Moshulu who would be glad to have this ring” That’s why I love him, he’s as sarcastic as I am! Naturally I said yes...then blasted him for all the stress he put me through that day and vowed to get my revenge.

Tape #8 led us to the Chart House (an expensive restaurant on Penn’s Landing Waterfront) to find, SURPRISE, both our families there! Our parents and grandparents were all dressed up! I found out later that because I love pirates so much, everyone involved called this Operation Barbosa because the plans for this were taped behind the Barbosa cardboard cutout in our basement during his two months of planning! Who knew?

Joanna Schumacher and Uygar, Wedding Date: June 14, 2009
I dated my boyfriend for 6 years before I had the pleasure of calling him my fiancé. When I used to dream about our proposal, I always imagined it would be at night over a fancy dinner or during a holiday with family. I never imagined that it would happen on a Friday morning at 6AM! My fiancé’s name is Uygar and he is from Istanbul, Turkey.

I am employed at the DuPont Country Club, and every morning, I exercise at their indoor fitness and tennis center at 6AM. I arrived at the gym as usual on Friday, May 2nd and was greeted at the door by the locker attendant. He told me that our Tennis Instructor needed to talk to me in his office before I started my workout. I walked up to the 2nd floor of the fitness center, which is a balcony that overlooks our indoor tennis courts.

Before I could reach the office, Uygar stepped out from behind a wall. Clearly surprised by this, I asked what he was doing there! He was dressed in workout clothes, so my first thought was that he was coming to workout with me. He said he had a question for me and pulled back the balcony curtains to reveal his question. "WILL U MARRY ME" was spelled out in hundreds of tennis balls on the tennis courts below. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Everyone working out at the gym gathered around and started clapping. I later learned that Uygar had arrived at the gym at 5:30 am to set up the message, but was discouraged to find that the building was locked. By the time a staff member arrived to open the gym, he only had 10 minutes to spell the message.

I never ended up working out that morning. Instead, we decided to celebrate our new engagement with an early breakfast at a diner on Concord Pike. I’m not sure how many girls get engaged on a Friday morning and have to work a full 9-5 day after that; boy was it hard to concentrate! My favorite part of the whole experience was that Uygar brought a photographer (his brother) to capture the whole proposal! We used this picture for our save the dates, and I never get tired of looking at it, or my future husband!

Derek Haley and Danielle Main, Wedding Date: September 2010
Derek and I started dating about four years ago after being introduced at a party. One of my best friends was dating his close friend and they introduced us. We immediately hit it off. Derek and I both love the water and being active. For the past two years, we have traveled with Derek's mom to Nags Head, NC. This past September when we went to Nags Head, I had no idea what a special trip it was going to be. On the first day there we played on the beach with our yellow lab Molly, while Derek's mom and her friend then decided to head back to the house and get ready to go for a walk at the nearby Jockey's Ridge State Park. We packed up a bottle of wine to take with us. We walked up to the highest point of Jockey's Ridge and watched the sunset and each had a glass of wine. Derek's Mom and her friend decided to head back to the house to prepare dinner. Derek, Molly and I stayed on top of Jockey's Ridge for a little while longer - little did I know what Derek had planned. As the sun was setting, Derek got down on one knee and proposed and, of course, I said yes! We finished watching the sunset and headed back to the house where they had a bottle of champagne waiting - they were in on the secret, too. We later learned that the hill were we got engaged, is appropriately named "Engagement Hill." Our wedding is planned for September 2010 on the Chesapeake Bay where we love to go fishing and crabbing.


Linda Fancy and Scott, Wedding Date: October 24, 2009
Scott and I went out to celebrate our 3 year anniversary this past July. We went to our favorite restaurant, Gilmore's, which is where we had our first official date. I was slightly disappointed because Scott had invited friends to join us for dinner; however, they cancelled last minute so we were still able to have a romantic celebration alone. I definitely wasn't expecting a proposal since we were supposed to be a group of four.

It was a great dinner because the chef was serving rack of lamb, my favorite! I always order the same dessert, which is chocolate mousse in a hand blown candy apple. I hit the apple with my spoon, expecting delicious chocolate mousse, but the apple was hollow! I wasn't disappointed when I looked down and saw a diamond ring instead! Scott got down on his knee and asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes! Since our waiter was in on the surprise, he was taking pictures while Scott was popping the question, which I didn't notice until afterwards. We were able to have an intimate proposal, which I always wanted, but we had pictures of the real deal to share with our family and friends!

Scott told me later that night about how he planned everything perfectly. He had asked my father for permission the week before while my mom and I were outside watching the Fourth of July fireworks. Our friends were never part of the plan that night - He only told me they were coming to throw me off in case I was expecting anything! He requested rack of lamb from the chef! And what if I hadn't ordered dessert...He would have ordered it for himself and let me crack the apple since that is my favorite part!

Jennifer Barton and David, Wedding Date: May 2, 2009
David and I met in October of 2002, when I was only a sophomore in high school and he was a senior. David was well aware of how important getting my college education was so he was patient enough to wait so long for me.

On July 18, 2008, after spending the whole day with David's sister, Denise, kayaking and swimming, I went over to his house to help him clean his four-wheeler while he worked on his truck. When I pulled up to his house, I saw the hood-up on his truck. I then asked him to pull out the four-wheeler so I could clean it. Before I cleaned the four-wheeler, David thought that we should go for a ride. He said that he could use a break. We rode up to his grandparent's farm and rode around. After a while we got off to check if the pigeons were in the barn, which is a typical thing for us to do. We then stood there just talk about what we wanted for dinner once we got everything fixed and cleaned-up. After we figured out what we were going to eat, David said that we had better get back before it got dark. I began to walk toward the four-wheeler when he said he had something to ask me. He then began to tell me how we have been dating for almost six years and how much I meant to him. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I quickly said yes as the tears begin to fall down my face. I was so excited that I just wanted to give him a hug. He had to tell me to put on the ring. I wasn't really worried about the ring, I was just so happy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. David continued to talk about how excited he was to marry me. We began to talk about how lucky we both are to have each other. During the conversation, even though he may not admit it to anyone, David, an avid hunter, said that he never thought he would be excited for hunting season to get over because of our hopes for a spring wedding.

Before returning to his house, we were so excited that we told all of our friends the great news by text messaging. Needless to say, the four-wheeler never got cleaned and there wasn't really anything wrong with his truck.

Jamie Santo and Chris Cannatelli, Wedding Date: October 10, 2009
Chris had called me on Monday to make plans to go see the townhouse we were building that week. I wanted to go down on Wednesday but he insisted that we go on Thursday. I got off the phone, thinking that was very odd - maybe he is planning "something" but then quickly changed my mind. On Thursday evening, we went over to the townhouse. We were looking around on the first floor at the newly installed drywall. Chris was quick to say let's go upstairs! We got to the second floor & he took a brief look into the kitchen then abruptly insisted we go upstairs again. I wasn't quite sure what his big rush was. He immediately went into the master bedroom; I casually followed behind checking out the house - something Chris had NO interest in! I started looking around when he started talking about the radio that the workers happened to leave in our room. I was becoming VERY agitated with him, telling him that I didn't care about the stupid radio! I was more interested in what was new with the house! He continued to push the issue about the radio; he couldn't believe the workers had left a radio and that they listen to Rascal Flatts too!! He quickly turned on my favorite song My Wish & then asked me to dance! While we were dancing, I started crying. Chris thought that I knew what was going on although, I was just crying because I thought the radio was really the workers' and God had just made things work out that our song was in the radio allowing us the chance to dance in our soon to be new home! It wasn't until the end of the song when I was caught off guard because Chris said he have one more wish for me! He told me that I would make him the happiest man in the world if I would marry him and be his wife (at which time he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring!). I was in complete shock! I couldn't believe he was actually proposing  I remember thinking Oh my god, he is really proposing!!! He is really proposing tonight! This is it! Well, while he was holding out the ring I remember thinking you are suppose to be saying YES!! It took me a few moments – but Chris said by the look on my face he knew I was going to say YES! I finally let out a huge YES followed by screams and lots of jumping up and down!!!! After he finally got the ring on my finger, he told me there was one more thing I needed to do was take the sign from the bathroom and go downstairs. I was confused because I didn't know who was downstairs! When I made it to the first floor, I was ecstatic to announce I SAID YES to our families with the help of my sign!

Lauren Skola and Ray, Wedding Date: September 12, 2009In my freshman year at the University of Delaware, I needed a job, and so I applied to D.P. Dough- a calzone shop that needed delivery drivers. I walked in and asked Ray, the manager/co-owner of the shop for an application. Despite having no experience as a delivery driver, Ray hired me because he found me attractive. Eventually we became excellent friends but nothing more because I had put Ray in the dreaded "Friend Zone". Though shot down multiple times, Ray did not give up and ended up pursuing me for several years. Finally, on New Years Eve, 2006, Ray decided, "This is it, I'm going to kiss her." We've been inseparable ever since!
I am a preschool teacher of children with autism, and am very passionate about my job. Knowing how important my career is to me, Ray coordinated with the teachers at my school to propose in my classroom. He had been trying for weeks to get in touch with the teacher that I share a classroom with, but even after trying to sneak into my cell phone while I was sleeping, he still could not manage to find her number! The day before Ray was planning to propose, on a complete whim, I told him it would mean a lot to me if he came to visit my classroom to see what I do for a living. Outside he had to play it off as though he wasn't really interested, but inside he was screaming, This is my chance!When he came to my school, he slipped my co-teacher a post-it note that said Call me after school about a surprise for Lauren! When she called, he explained his proposal and asked her to get a few friends together to witness and record the event.

Of course, because news travels fast, the entire school was in on the plan in a matter of hours! The teachers lead me to believe I was making a training video for parents, and that my afternoon snack time needed to be filmed. That Friday afternoon, an incredibly nervous Ray walked into a classroom packed with students and teachers, carrying a dozen pink roses, dresses in a three-piece suit and dropped to one knee as I was having snack. It took several seconds for it to click that everything was all a set-up and that the video was just to catch the proposal on film. As I cried, Ray asked the question "that I've wanted to ask you since the first day you walked into D.P. Dough." Of course I said yes, as the entire school began filing into my classroom. My students also began cheering and running up to hug me, even though they were very confused because I was also crying at the time. Being surrounded by so many of the most important people in my life, and being totally surprised, made this proposal more perfect than I could have possibly imagined.

Jeff Oster and Lisa, Wedding Date: October 10, 2009
Ever hear the story of the bank geek who won the heart of the cheerleader?

Lisa and I met during law school. Well, met isn't entirely accurate. We passed by each other on occasion, but had never actually spoken (she, the gorgeous blonde, was well out of my league). However, as fate would have it, we had several mutual friends, and were properly introduced sometime that year.

She soon admitted that she had seen me around campus, but paid no attention to my presence, as I was apparently out of her league, as well.

Lisa is the kind of girl who'd been dreaming about her future prince, and, of course, the wedding ring, since she was little. She'd made this known since we started dating (strange how every time I turned on my computer, the ring designer's website would pop up). Once I knew she was "the one," I told myself I could strive to give the woman of my dreams nothing less.

We're now young attorneys, working long hours and trying to enjoy the little time we have to spend together.

My birthday came around last year, and, as busy as we were, we forgot to make plans for a celebration,or so she thought. What she didn't know was that I"casually" made plans for a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia.

So, in honor of “my birthday,â€Â we happened to be the first ones to board the ship, and were seated in the best seats on the entire vessel. We also "happened" to have two glasses of champaign and a dozen roses waiting for us upon arrival.

As the sun started to set, we "happened" to go outside to get a better view of its descent over the horizon. The natural scenery was almost as striking as Lisa looked that evening.

Then, I started speaking, what was said we still have no clue. I took an antique ring box out of my pocket and opened it up while staring into Lisa's stunning green eyes. It was the ring she'd been dreaming about, being offered by the prince she had always sought.

I took the ring out, and asked her if she “wanted to try it on. Lisa, with the dream about to become reality, reminded me of tradition, and, with an unforgettable smile, made me get down on one knee. After I obliged, the ring was carefully placed on her finger. We don't remember if she ever actually agreed to marry me that extraordinary night, but we recently set a date to become husband and wife.

Lisa still remarks how she thinks I gave her the best engagement she could have ever imagined. I have to disagree. I think that night, just being in her presence, seeing her accept the ring, and enjoying her smile for the remainder of the evening, was the best engagement I could have imagined.

Especially because I am the band geek, who won the heart of the cheerleader.

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