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Cosmetic Surgery: Blepharoplasty


Targets: Lax muscles, skin and fat around the eyes

Procedure: Some doctors will only do the upper lids in an hour. It can be performed in the office under local anesthetic. True, some patients are reluctant to be awake during the procedure, Jonathan Saunders says. “But if they do, we can do it in the office.” For the lower lids, most patients elect to go under general anesthesia, and most surgeons prefer it. Removing the fat that accumulates under the lid and improving the slackness often requires more time than an upper lid procedure.

Time: Allow an hour or slightly more for the upper lids. 

Recovery: Expect tenderness, swelling and bruising. The area may itch and you could experience dry eyes. It may take several weeks for the symptoms to subside. 

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