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Cosmetic Surgery: Skin Needling (Dermapen and Lutronic Infini)


Targets: Wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores

Procedure: You’ll need a numbing cream. The new Lutronic Infini device consists of micro needles that penetrate the skin and deliver radiofrequency heat to the subdermis, leading to a tightening of the tissues. It also stimulates collagen growth. Since it works below the skin’s surface, the device can deliver more heat than tools that only touch the top layer, which can’t take as much heat without injury. “It’s fully adjustable in terms of the depth and how aggressive it is,” says Dr. Joseph Danyo, a cosmetic surgeon in Greenville, who’s had the treatment himself. “Instead of the top down you work from the bottom up.” Lonergan offers the Dermapen, which also has micro needles to stimulate collagen. The disposable tip moves in an automated “stamp-like” motion. Both are also used for scars and stretch marks, and they are fine to use on the neck and chest.

Time: Fifteen to 30 minutes

Recovery: You may experience redness. It takes time for the collagen to build. Expect to see results within three months.

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