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Delaware Arts and Entertainment Education: Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Junior Docent Program, Art at Lunch, ArtVentures, Art a la Carte


The museum’s Junior Docent Program teaches students about the visual arts and allows them to present their new-found knowledge to their classmates during several visits to the museum. Junior docents then lead tours of younger students. Weeklong Summer ArtVentures camp is for kids 5-10 who want to spend a morning studying and making art in several media. When new exhibitions open (three times a year), adults can participate in Art at Lunch demonstrations and showings (lunch included in the very reasonable price) or in Art a la Carte workshops, where they’ll create a work of their own. “As with any new subject matter, it’s always great to get many different points of view,” says educational programs coordinator Beccy Cooper. “And learning about art can allow you to step back in any situation and examine with a critical eye, whether it’s something you’d label as art or something else.” Dover, 674-2111, biggsmuseum.org