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Delaware Business Women Beating the Odds of the Gender Gap: Pamela Tikellis, Janice Giannini, Peggy Eddens, Sharon Baker, Lynda Messick and Barbara Hines


Just what is it that allows female outliers in Delaware to shirk the seeming predestination that gloomy statistics reflect? And how positive do they feel about the future of women’s continued bout with fiscal inequality?

We interviewed some of Delaware’s most prominent women in business to find out. What emerged was remarkably ubiquitous optimism for the future, and a refreshing dearth of bitterness toward the inequities of the past.

There are no heads in the sand here. These women know it’s still more difficult for other women to succeed, even in the seemingly enlightened year of 2011. Nonetheless, they’d rather focus on the inspiration of their own empowering stories than those last percentage points we have yet to conquer.


Pamela Tikellis

Janice Giannini

Peggy Eddens

Sharon Baker

Lynda Messick

Barbara Hines