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Delaware Cosmetic Surgery: Laser Hair Reduction


Laser hair removal works by pulsating an intense beam of light on the follicles of unwanted hairs, which prevents future growth. Results aren’t permanent, so it should not be thought that you will never grow hair again. It is better thought of as permanent reduction of unwanted hair, so several periodic treatments are necessary. Most people see excellent results. It’s used for everything from unwanted facial hair to the bikini area. Laser hair removal is performed by physicians in their offices and trained aestheticians or RNs in a spa.

Risks Blisters and scarring, pigmentation changes. Risks are extremely low.

Recovery Redness and swelling fade in a couple of days. There is zero to minimal downtime.

Cost Depends on the area and the number of treatments needed, but usually $200-$800 a session. Large surface areas take more time and cost more. Most people may need several treatments. A lip may cost $100-$300 or more.

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