Delaware Cosmetic Surgery: Liposuction

Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat from various areas of the body, from the buttocks and midriff to the breasts, neck and chin. It’s used to remove the fat left behind when people lose weight and to eliminate the fat that diet and exercise can’t affect. Liposuction is accomplished by inserting a thin tube (cannula) into the target area through small incisions, instilling the area with a medicated saline solution, then suctioning out the unwanted fat. Surgeons Ian Lonergan of Wilmington and Asher Carey of Dover are testing new radio-frequency assisted instruments as part of clinical trials for FDA approval. The tools are designed to tighten the skin as they remove fat tissue, though many are waiting to see if there are unforeseen complications and if the results last. “Results so far are promising,” Lonergan says.

Risks Uneven appearance, loose skin, blood clots, fat clots, scarring, burns from laser-assisted or ultrasound techniques, bleeding, pain.

Recovery Most people return to work very quickly, typically in less than a week. After extensive work in your midsection, exercise may be limited for six weeks. Drains could be inserted in the surgical area to remove fluid post-op, but are rarely necessary.

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Cost $1,600 for small areas to $6,000 for large areas or several areas

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