Delaware Health: Five Benefits of Sex

1. It’s a great stress-buster
Sex releases a hormone called oxytocin that helps you relax and chill out. The perfect Rx for these angst-ridden times.


2. It promotes longevity
A 2009 study at Queens University in Belfast showed that men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm lived twice as long as those who did not.

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3. It just might be the Fountain of Youth
Forget the Botox. Research at the Royal Hospital at Edinburgh showed that participants who made love three times a week looked 10 years younger than those who did not.


4. It promotes happier relationships
Couples who engaged in extended periods of cuddling and kissing followed by mutually satisfying sexual intercourse were more likely to report being in a happy relationship, according to a recent study by Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute.


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5. It promotes overall good health
A 2009 study at the New England Research Institute showed that men who engaged in sex at least twice a week had significantly lower rates of heart disease and prostate cancer than those who had sex once a month or less. Men and women who engaged in sex at least twice a week tended to have lower blood pressure.