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Delaware professional services: where to get lawn mowers fixed and repaired in New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties


Lawn Mowers
The folks at Suburban Lawn & Equipment (1950 W. Newport Pike, Wilmington, 998-7700, sublawneq.com) will fix anything with an engine, except cars and motorcycles. That includes lawn mowers, go-carts, weed whackers, gas-powered water pumps and air compressors.

See also:
Bowersox Lawn & Garden Equipment 2911 Ogletown Road, Newark, 368-7006, bowersoxequipmentcompany.com
Dennis’ Equipment Repair 2 S. Dupont Hwy., Selbyville, 436-4100
Wilmington Lawn Mower 2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, 798-6000. wilmingtonlawnmower.com