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Delaware Today magazine special mature lifestyles supplement: Fabulous After 50, refresh your home decor with tips from Taylor Made Interiors, Maciey Design and Partners in Design


You’ve lived in the same house for a long time. You want a new look, but a major overhaul isn’t on the horizon. We asked Delaware designers how to refresh your home decor quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Paint the walls For the biggest impact, repaint the entire room. Even just painting one wall an accent color or painting the woodwork a new color will revitalize the space. Earth tones like beiges and grays are popular now, says Roseanne Brown, of Taylor Made Interiors in Middletown. For accent colors, Sana Maciey, of Maciey Design in Wilmington, suggests a dark color for contrast, perhaps in a jewel tone or even lemon lime.

Redo the floor You can paint old wooden floors in a checkerboard or diamond pattern if you don’t want to pay for refinishing, says Valla Rogers, of Partners in Design in Dover.

Declutter Simple and streamlined is in. Rogers suggests emptying the room and then carefully selecting which items to put back.

Rearrange the furniture “Sometimes people get stuck in a rut,” Brown says. “Just because the chest has been there for 20 years doesn’t mean it can’t go somewhere else.”

Change the little things Switch up the artwork on the walls. Change the hardware on the doors and on the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms. Buy some inexpensive new vases, plates and candlesticks to replace the accent pieces in the room.

Light it up Add floor or table lamps or up the wattage in the lights you have. Pendant lights over kitchen counters are stylish and functional, Maciey notes. And especially in winter, adding light can change the look of the room, Brown says.

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