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Delaware Today magazine Women in Business: Patrice Gilliam-Johnson is chair of the organizational dynamics program at Wilmington University


Patrice Gilliam-Johnson may be chair of the organizational dynamics program at Wilmington University, but it’s her role as president of the Gilliam Foundation that is nearest her heart. The organization, named for its founder, the late James H. Gilliam Jr.—her brother—exists to improve the quality of life for all, especially African-Americans, through charitable giving. As the economy soured and requests for funding rose, Gilliam-Johnson was elevated from board member to president to manage more effectively the foundation’s activities. Moving ahead, “We are working diligently to create a mindset of collaboration among leaders of organizations in order to address the profound social issues confronting our communities,” she says. “The ‘silo’ mentality has to be changed if we are to make a meaningful impact and achieve lasting viable outcomes.”