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Denise French: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Geriatrics, Christiana Care Health System


Clinical Nurse Specialist  |  Geriatrics

Denise French, MSN, RN, APN, GCNS-BC. Christiana Care Health System

I find the most important aspect of my nursing specialty is appreciating the difficulties and barriers that the elderly encounter in maintaining their independence in a safe, protected environment. As we see Alzheimer’s disease increase in the elderly population, the qualities that make a great nurse in this specialty are a soft voice, a gentle touch, a smile, eye contact, empathy and never-ending patience. The most rewarding aspect of geriatric nursing is working with patients and their families to reach their goals for discharge and to maximize our patients’ independence and functional ability. As life expectancy rises, I see the need for increased awareness about the needs of elderly patients, education for families and caregivers, and mentoring geriatric nurses.