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Expert Tips for Getting Salon-Perfect Hair


No matter how much hair you have on your head, you’ll want to keep it shiny and healthy-looking. At Salon Pasca, stylist Jade Lockett recommends a deep conditioning treatment immediately after a chemical process, particularly if it’s fine or dry.

Salons can create a custom blend for clients, says Holly Grist of Salon 828. “You apply it by section and massage it in. It’s also great for the relaxation factor.” Or, purchase a mask that targets your hair type and apply it once a week or whenever you need a burst of shine and moisture, she says. Also consider a moisturizing cream for blow-drying or a serum.

Avoid harsh chemical treatments, particularly if your hair breaks easily, says Archino. Opt for smoothing treatments instead of straightening treatments, which can be harsh for both the client and the stylist.

And avoid washing your hair every day. Mix it up with scarves, hats and dry shampoos. Only in America do women feel their hair has to look the same every single day.  

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