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Fine Diner-ing


If you remember Dempsey’s Diner—or, better yet, if you remember Demspey’s as the Peter Pan Diner—you’ll appreciate the guide site called route40.net, where’ll you’ll find photos and such interesting tidbits as “Everyone’s favorite Vice President and perennial cheapskate, Dan Quayle, made news at Dempsey’s Diner in February of 1992. Quayle bought a cup of coffee and left no tip whatsoever. The Vice President had just come from a $500 a plate fundraiser at the Hotel du Pont.” Log on. Take a look. Share your memories and observations. The site notes who manufactured the diners and when, what the places are now, and, in case you’re in the market, which are for sale. It’s a trip down memory lane—all the way across the USA.