Four Acres Trailer Sales

In business for more than 60 years, Four Acres Trailer Sales in Newport continues to deliver friendly, high-quality sales and service to meet every customer’s hauling needs.

The company got its start in the 1950s, after Mildred Marsh purchased a large parcel and, with her son, Leroy Davis, developed a mobile home park. Soon Leroy and his wife, Betty, started Four Acres Trailer Sales, selling mobile homes, and then gradually branched out into travel trailers, campers and popups. Then in the 1970s, the business broadened its inventory again, starting to sell utility trailers for landscapers, contractors and other small businesses.

“My dad [Leroy] was a full-time DuPont employee, and my mom [Betty] kept the show going while he was at work,” says Joyce Davis Prettyman, who now owns the business with her husband, Gary. They are also former DuPont employees.

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“We consider ourselves one-stop shopping, with everything from utility trailers to car trailers, truck trailers, golf carts and hitches,” she says.

No matter what the need, if a customer wants to buy a trailer, Four Acres can do it all for them, including installing hitches on their car or truck and making all of the necessary electrical connections.

With just 11 employees, Four Acres truly feels like a family business, and its owners make a point of giving back to the community, offering discounts on trailers to Scouting groups and occasionally donating golf carts and trailers to other nonprofit organizations.

The longevity of the business has given it many repeat customers, Gary Prettyman says, and so has membership in the Better Business Bureau. “Accreditation lets our customers feel comfortable. They know the BBB name, and it gives them peace of mind.”

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