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Gabby Goes to Winterthur’s Point to Point Steeplechase Races: She sees Darci Overstreet, Jack Overstreet, Tom Savage, David Roselle, Sheela Dattani, Chip Flowers, JulieAnne Cross, Gabrielle Reichert and Miss Delaware 2008 Vincenza Carrieri-Russo


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They Got the Point

The scene at this year’s Point-to-Point at Winterthur may have put a certain royal wedding to shame. About a week after Kate and Wills said, “I do,” the fine people who came out in droves to the steeplechase race still looked the part, with outrageous, fanciful hats and regal dresses and suits. Gabby’s eyes immediately latched onto a wide-brimmed little number that sat atop Darci Overstreet’s perfectly coifed blond hair. Darci and husband Jack Overstreet, a big-time oil and gas exec from Denver, came across the country as guests of Winterthur to take in the majesty of Point-to-Point. “This is the kind of thing that we see dying in other parts of this country, and we just love that it’s happening here,” Darci said, after admitting that she had to Google “steeplechase attire” when she arrived in Wilmington to ensure she looked the part. “I’m pretty sure after meeting everyone here that I’m actually a du Pont, so we do belong here in Delaware, and I just have to work this out,” Jack said. “Kind of like Obama’s birth certificate thing.”

I had a plum people- (and hat-) watching spot beneath the Wells Fargo VIP tent, where a ritzy brunch was served and champy flowed all afternoon. Director of museum affairs Tom Savage was entranced as the carriages rolled by. Looking ever the antiques-loving gentleman in a tweed jacket (And he didn’t complain of the heat, not once. What a guy.) and tortoiseshell glasses, Savage laughed when a gentleman asked him what he did at the museum. “What day do you mean?” he asked.

Museum executive director David Roselle chitchatted and cracked a big smile when the foxhounds pranced by. I saw law partners and BFFs Sheela P. Dattani and (who else—does this guy work?) Chip Flowers stroll through the grounds laughing, Flowers in an Armani T-shirt and sandals and Dattani looking casual-chic in capris and a tank. I also spied Mike Cross, aka DJ Zip, who traded his turntables for sunshine and friends, kicking back with wife JulieAnne Cross and friend Gabrielle Reichert of JP Morgan Chase; and Miss Delaware 2008 Vincenza Carrieri-Russo, who rocked the heck out of a glorious oversized yellow hat and hot pair of black heels, grass be damned. You glow, girl.