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Hand-Rolled Meatballs and Homemade Sauce For Days at DiFebo’s


From its humble beginning in 1989 as a sub shop housed in a tiny summer cottage, DiFebo’s has become one of the premier restaurants at the beach. “We’d started serving my dad’s spaghetti and meatballs,” says chef-owner Lisa DiFebo-Osias. “Then one night, I put out a veal chop. I was just messing around,” but when a writer for The Washington Post raved about it in the paper, people started banging down the door. That was the early 1990s. Patrons tailgated in the tiny parking lot while waiting for one of the 12 tables, until the family built the current restaurant in 1998. The staff still rolls 700 meatballs by hand a couple times a week, and the place goes through 80 gallons of sauce every two or three days. But DiFebo’s also serves cutting-edge fare that rivals the best in D.C. “There are the flavors of my grandparents,” DiFebo-Osias says. “I’m just really proud that we can share that.” 789 Garfield Pkwy., Bethany Beach, 539-4550, difebos.com

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