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High-End Cuisine Meets Family Dining at Abbott’s


Abbott’s On Broad Creek sits on a tranquil little slice of town where Delaware Avenue intersects Broad Creek, natch. Outside the windows, the gently flowing water creates a peaceful tableau. The natural beauty is an automatic mood-enhancer. Like its forbears in Milford, Abbott’s on Broad dives headfirst into locavore love. As one of the few restaurants in the town of 3,500 residents, Abbott’s seems devoted to its site-specific neighbors and surroundings. The food, the atmosphere and the hospitality are meant to reflect the essence of the area back to its inhabitants—from the Evans Farms watermelon to the shrine of local football hero Ronnie Waller. Who better to lead the charge than owner Kevin Reading and chef Ryan Cunningham, Nage Restaurant acolytes, the sensei and new master, of Delmarva farm-to-table cuisine? Cunningham’s French chops and whimsy could blend in at the Green Room, while his devotion to pro wrestling (which inspired a Briscoe Brother brisket sandwich) lends infinite blue-collar cred. He’s the perfect avatar for Abbott’s, and its mission to suplex the divide between approachable family dining and high-end cuisine. You should check it out. Read more here.


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