How Does Love Keep Thee Healthy?

Let us count the ways…

Love reduces stress and boosts the immune system. Studies show that partners in healthy relationships have fewer colds and are less likely to develop flu, pneumonia or cancer.

  Love is healing. A controlled study found that people who get along well with their significant other heal much more quickly than couples who argue.

Love makes us look younger. That’s because hugs, holding hands and other routine displays of affection encourage production of oxytocin, which triggers the release of DHEA, an anti-aging hormone.

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Love reduces pain. Holding the hand of someone who cares deeply has been shown to clinically reduce pain levels in people who are sick or injured.

Love promotes longevity. People who are in committed relationships live longer, according to government statistics. Researchers theorize that’s because partners encourage one another to maintain healthy habits. Conversely, people who are isolated have five times the risk of early death.

Love is good for your heart. When spouses are together, their blood pressure drops slightly, producing a cumulative positive effect over many years.

Love can improve your memory. The euphoria associated with romance releases chemicals into the brain that encourage growth of new gray cells.

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