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If You Needed Another Excuse to Eat More Cheese, Here It Is



Courtesy of The Farm at Doe Run

Turophiles, rejoice: We’ve got a great excuse for you to try a new cheese at appetizer hour.

The Farm at Doe Run—a small Chester County farm that creates award-winning cheeses—has recently released Mayfly Cheese, a Camembert-style cheese with a bloomy rind. And the farm will be donating 10 percent of Mayfly cheese proceeds to the Stroud Water Research Center, a nonprofit in Avondale, Pa., dedicated to advancing knowledge and stewardship of fresh water through scientific research, environmental education and watershed restoration worldwide.

The Mayfly Cheese is named after the delicate-winged creatures that fly above healthy streams and rivers: When the mayflies disappear, it’s a sign that clean water has likely disappeared, too.

The cheese is also available for purchase at Country Butcher in Kennett Square, Pa.

For more information about The Farm at Doe Run, visit chestercountycheese.org/the-farm-at-doe-run. For more information about the Stroud Water Research Center, visit stroudcenter.org.