Lhasa Bistro Replaces North Quarter Creole in Wilmington

The new restaurant offers contemporary Asian food.


We were saddened to learn that North Quarter Creole on Wilmington’s Union Street—which served creative riffs on Creole cooking—is no more. But a new restaurant, Lhasa Bistro, has taken its place.

The eatery serves a variety of small plates, such as spring rolls, beef kebabs and fried rice. There are some bar classics with a twist, too—like crispy wings made with your choice of sauce (barbecue-chipotle, Asian garlic, voodoo or hot) and cheesesteak egg rolls.

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There is also a second-floor bar with a great view of Union Street.

More information:
Lhasa Bistro
837 N. Union St., Wilmington
691-7890 • www.lhasabistro.com