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Local products for weddings in Delaware


Consumers are buying from local providers, whether it’s because they want to support area businesses or they want the freshest product. Many couples are bringing that local touch to their wedding.

Some focus on the menu. “They want to have local rockfish or crab cakes because they’re in Delaware,” says Chrissy Sarro, catering director for the restaurant Nage in Rehoboth Beach. “They want peaches from Fifer Orchards and bison from area farms.” Many request only seasonal fruits and vegetables.

One forward-thinking beach bride canned beach plums and gave jam to guests. When Nage chef Hari Cameron got married at Lavender Fields in Milton, he used the farm’s lavender to make lavender mustard and white chocolate lavender for guests. Farm co-owner Sharon Harris has seen brides buy lavender to incorporate into their bouquet. Thrown for good luck, dried lavender makes a fragrant alternative to rice.

A dessert buffet gets a dusting of local flavor when you include saltwater taffy from Dolle’s on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk or goodies from Govatos Chocolates in Wilmington, Neuchatel Swiss Chocolates in nearby Oxford, Pa., and Candy for All Occasions in Fairfax and in Lincoln University, Pa.  —P.G.