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Matt Minker, Wilmington Blue Rocks owner


For Matt, family always came first, and not just his immediate family, but also the employees of his construction company and the Blue Rocks. It was through his construction experience that Matt helped to bring the Blue Rocks to Wilmington in 1993, since he could build the stadium in record time. It’s kind of neat that as kids, our father would take us to the site of the current stadium to see train cars that were parked on the site. We would also go up to 40th and Governor Printz Boulevard and watch the old Blue Rocks. So Matt really wanted to do something that was good for families, make a place where children could have fun in a safe environment. He also had a love for special needs individuals. As a tribute to his sister-in-law, Matt participated in a variety of events for the MS Society. He also participated in events for the Mary Campbell Center, as well as many youth organizations. If there was a need, he found a way to address it. Now the Blue Rocks are in their 20th season. Matt really built a viable organization. He is still the honorary president of the organization. Hopefully it will go on for a long time, bring many more championships to Wilmington.