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Natural Gas, Propane, Oil and Kerosene


Amerigas, amerigas.com. Multiple locations throughout Delaware. See website for details. Propane.

Awe Oil, aweoil.com, Newark, 737-1123. Oil. 

Bob Willey & Sons, bobwilleyandsons.net, Milton, 684-8616. Propane, oil and kerosene.

Boulden Brothers Propane, boulden.com, Newark, 368-2553. Propane.

Burns & McBride, burnsandmcbride.com, New Castle, 302-656-5110. Oil.

Chesapeake Utilities, chpk.com, New Castle County, (800) 427-2883; Kent County and Milford, 734-6700; and Sussex County except Milford, (800) 427-0015. Natural gas. 

Cochran Oil Co., cochranoil.com, New Castle, 654-3333. Oil.

Delaware Propane, delpropane.com, Smyrna, 653-2009; Harrington, 424-2009. Propane. 

Delmarva, delmarva.com/home/gas, (800) 375-7117. Northern New Castle County. Natural gas. 

Discount Oil, discount-oil.net, Newark, 737-6560. Oil.

Foraker Oil Co., forakeroil.com, Delaware City, 834-7595. Oil.

Griffith Energy Services, griffithoil.com/dover, Dover, 888-227-5546. Propane and oil. 

Heritage Propane, heritagepropane.com, New Castle, 594-4565. Propane. 

Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling, hillsidehvac.com, Newark, 738-4144. Oil.

Kent Oil and Propane, Camden, 698-2100. Propane, oil and kerosene.

Kirkwood Bottled Gas, kirkwoodgas.com, Bear, 834-7694. Propane and oil.

Lincoln Oil, lincoln-oil.com, Wilmington, 994-4500. Oil.

Midstate Fuel & Services, Felton, 284-2748. Oil and kerosene. 

Paradee Gas Co., paradeegas.com, Dover, 734-5877; Millsboro, 934-6008. Propane.

Peninsula Oil & Propane, penoil.com, Seaford, 990-8483. Propane and oil. 

Poore’s Propane Gas Service, poorespropane.com, Dover, 734-7433; Lewes, (866) 505-0244. Propane, oil and kerosene. 

SchagrinGas, schagringas.com, Hockessin, 239-9665; Middletown, 378-2000; and Rehoboth Beach, 644-7700. Propane. 

Sharp Energy, chpk.com, parts of New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties, (888) 742-7740. Propane.

Sherman Heating Oils, shonet.net, Milton, 684-4008. Oil and kerosene. 

Suburban Propane, suburbanpropane.com, Dover and Milford locations, 800-PROPANE. Propane, oil and kerosene. 

Terroco Oil, terrocooil.com, Dover, (800) 505-4281. Propane, oil and kerosene. 

Tri Gas & Oil, trigasoil.com, Georgetown, 856-6300. Propane, oil and kerosene. 

Wilkins Fuel Co., wilkinsfuel.com, Milford, 422-5597. Propane and oil.